>General Election 2008

>This will be my second general elections that I will be actually taking part by exercising my right in choosing the govt!! (Oh my god! Am i that old? haha…)

Election topics are the “pisang goreng” of these two weeks (beside Edison scandal hor). If you didn’t notice the colourful posters (see pics) & all the news media, get your eyes and ears checked.. haha..

The funny thing is, USA is also in the midst of choosing the new president. “Unfortunately”, in Malaysia, you will be seeing the blue dacing for a long time.

However, my entry this time is encourage all the registered voters to come out and exercise your right & duty as a citizen (humming to the tune “Negarakuku”).

Go out in full force and vote on March 8, 2008!!

Government is here to serve the people !!!


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