Gourmet Hotdog Cafe @ PV128, Setapak

Gourmet Hotdog Cafe, a brainchild of 2 brothers Muju & Muku Naeem after discovering that they can’t find a decent hotdog place in this city. With the mission of making Gourmet Hotdog Cafe (GHC) the ultimate choice for gourmet hotdogs in Malaysia, they offer the finest hotdogs with a quality selections of meats and produce.

The cafe is located at the latest food hub of Setapak area, the PV128, which also housed quite a number of eateries here.

Well, how are they different from the rest of the “hotdog” joint in Klang Valley?

There are choices of chicken or mixture of beef& lamb hotdog in their menu; the chicken sausages are made with 100% skinless chicken breast while the beef+lamb sausages are made with Australian prime cut lean beef topside and New Zealand lamb. All sausages user certified HALAL natural lamb casing and contain at least 90% meat.

They also offer a very versatile option of switching any your preferred sausage in your hotdog for example chicken instead of beef.


14 different types of hotdogs dominate the menu included the unique vegetarian hotdogs and it also contains a tiny selection of pasta, steaks and grills as well as kid’s meal.


The NYCheese (ala carte ~ RM 12.50+, Meal ~ RM 14.90+)



Sandwiched between the house made poppy seeds bun which freshly prepared daily, the beef banger had a nice texture, not too firm with pleasant herbs flavors. The hotdog was crowned with copious of ingredients such as Belgian gouda cheese, monterey jack cheese, mozzarella cheese, candied breakfast beef and sautéed caramelized onions.



Sombrero (ala carte ~ RM 11.50+, Meal ~ RM 13.90+)


The chicken banger on the other hand had a softer texture and slightly too mushy for my liking but is forgiven provided the sausage is made from 100% chicken breast (healthier). I like the topping combination of tomato salsa (pico de gallo), guacamole, light sour cream, coriander which gave a very refreshing flavor to the hotdog and the addition of fried tortilla definitely a brilliant touch!



The Memphis Blues (ala carte ~ RM 10.50+, Meal ~ RM 12.90+)

The combination of sautéed caramelized onions, bbq sauce and gouda cheese was simple but executed well.



The Alexa (ala carte ~ RM 10.50+, Meal ~ RM 12.90+)

Definitely one of the most special sausage I’ve tried! The vegetarian sausage ladies and gentlemen! Made from falafel, the sausage had a nice crusty outer with fragrant soft inner, paired with chopped salad mix, tomato salsa, guacamole and light sour cream.  There is not only one type of vegetarian sausage but total of 3 options! So fire up the your appetite and enjoy the ultimate hotdog while keeping it all veggie.



Mini Corn Weenies (RM 5.90+)

One of the kid’s menu.



Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken Sausage (RM 15.00+)

The pasta was in huge portion, the taste however missed the mark, a tad too bland for us.



Roasted Chicken (RM 15.00+)

A classic dish, well executed with crispy skin and succulent meat.



The restaurant was surrounded with soaring high glass panel which allowed plenty of natural light penetrate in.



Boasted a simple theme with some framed pictures adorning the wall, it’s the play on the lighting that attracts one’s attention. The hanging lamps are made from jam jar and they resembled the lights of the fireflies when all the lamps are on at night time.



The al-fresco dining seats.


Their menu also consisted of an array of different types of beverages ranging from coffee, tea, shakes and smoothies.


Strawberry Shakes (RM 7.90+)


Going Bananas (RM 9.90+)


Ice Lemon Tea (RM 3.90+)


Latte ~ Hot (RM 7.90+)


Blackcurrant Tea (RM 4.90+)




Both house made cakes we had was decent, not a bad choice if you must ended your meal with something sweet 🙂


GHC is currently running a lucky draw which entitled you to win a Maldives Holiday!


Click HERE for more details!

Verdict: Setapak definitely not a place I’ll go often but will pay them a visit if I happened to be at that area as the beef and vegetarian sausages did impressed me 🙂


IMG_2640  Gourmet Hotdog Cafe
  No. G/M 37, PV128,
  Jalan Genting Kelang,
  53100, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-41314330
  Website: http://gourmethotdogcafe.com/


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