Hai Boey Seafood @ Teluk Kumbar, Penang

After some research on seafood restaurants at Penang, we finally settled down at Hai Boey Seafood (海尾海鲜) tucked away at Teluk Kumbar. We drove for approximately 30 minutes from our hotel to the destination, the road leading up to the place was quite bumpy.



We were greeted by rows of live seafood aquariums at the entrance, definitely a sight to behold!





The restaurant is open air and really spacious with more than 50 tables placed under the zinc roof equipped with plenty of wall and ceiling fans to ensure a comfortable dining experience.



Located by seaside, ‘Hai Boey’ literally means “end of the sea” in the local dialect of Hokkien (common language spoken on the island of Penang). One can catch a beautiful sunset view if you choose to sit at the al-fresco area near the beach.



A small playground at the back of the restaurant, great for those with kids.




The serene beach when the dusk falling.


The restaurant was buzzing with activities on a Saturday evening, with almost full occupancy and a steady stream of customers walk in and out of the restaurant.


The servers were running in and out of the kitchen pushing the carts served the food to multiple tables at the same time. To our dismay, our order took forever because we cannot speak any Hokkien and the staff need to get someone who can speak Mandarin to place our order >_<



Nutmeg Juice (RM 2.20+), Coconut (RM 5.00+), Chinese Tea (RM 0.50+), Plain Water (RM 0.30+)



Blanched Mini Octopus (RM 12.00+)


Finally I had chance to sample this because it’s hardly to find any at Klang Valley. The baby octopus was blanched to perfection with a briny flavor. The freshness and crunchiness were retained, the flavor was further enhanced by the fried garlic and soy sauce. Also served along was 2 types of chili sauces.



Sour & Spicy Lala (RM 12.00+)

The lala clams submerged in Thai style sour and spicy gravy with abundance of garlic which lent a punchy kick to the taste bud. The clams were fresh and I really enjoyed the pungent gravy to the very last drop.



Thai Style Butter Prawns (RM 22.00++)

Since they are run out of stock the mantis prawns we initially want to order, so we had this butter prawns which recommended by the staff.  We seldom order prawn dish when eat out but we certainly got off on the right foot with this one. The freshness was unquestionably, sweet and bouncy. The prawns were slightly fried then coated with moreish butter sauce infused with aromatic chopped lemongrass, basil and curry leaves. A finger licking good dish I would say ^__^



Yin Yong Noodle (RM 10.00+)

Decent with copious amount of wok heat and fluffy soft strands of vermicelli and tong fun (mung bean noodle) were well seasoned. Bits of sweet onions, crunchy bean sprouts. chives, mushroom, julienned carrot and prawns give this a nice texture.


Verdict: Other than the language barrier when ordering, my dining experience at Hai Boey was a pleasant one. Food was good and reasonably priced, worth recommend for seafood lovers.



Hai Boey Seafood 海尾海鲜

29, MK9 Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar

11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Tel: +6013-4881114, +6019-4791114


Business Hour: Mon – Sun ~ 5.30pm to 11.00pm


Facebook: www.facebook.com/haiboeyseafoodpenang


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