Hair Makeover Experience at Hatyai

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A short post today to share one of my special experience at  Hatyai ~ hair makeover 😛

Not really a makeover actually, only hair washing and blowing to be precise 🙂

Spotted this beauty salon cum massage centre located right opposite my hotel at Hatyai. Sister and I planned to pay them a visit after our temples visit as we were really exhausted ^_*


The salon is separated into 2 areas; the main lobby was occupied by patrons doing their foot massage and there were also rooms for customer like me who want some hair makeover.



I was ushered to one of the room then asked to sit on the barber. The room was a bot worn out equipped with a basin plastered on one of the table top. I also saw assorted of shampoos, hair dyes, combs, hair dryers and curlers kept on the table and shelves.

The “hair stylist” came in later on and helped to adjust the barber chair to let me in lay down position and the whole hair washing process was did this way (Not a very comfortable position I would say >.<) Not really enjoyed the process as the lady was quite “rude” when washing & blowing my hair =.=”



Waiting for hair blowing.




Hair blowing in process, there were a few times the lady pulled my hair so rudely until I felt like wanna shout out ! *ouch*




The outcome, not bad huh but this definitely a first and last time to experience this. No thanks to rude “hair stylist”  >.<

Total damage: 200baht, price will be vary depending on the hair length.








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