>Happy City Steamboat

>What is the best remedy for the miserable, wet & gloomy weather recently? Steamboat lah for sure!!!

I’ve been patronising this Happy City Steamboat for quite a sometime which as usual alway packed. The owner even fully occupied the pavement outside the restaurant!!

Tom Yam & Clear Soup
They also offer porridge based steamboat which of course come with extra charges.

2 person set – RM 13.50 / pax
Contain the standard stuffs like fish balls, pork ball, dumplings, prawns, beancurd skin (fu chuk), quail eggs, yee mee, bee hoon, eggs & lots of vegetables. The ingredient I like the most is the otak-otak filling balls (the cute looking thingy at the bottom of 2nd photo)

Other than steamboat, they also have some light snacks like fried chicken wings, nam yum dried meat, fried dumpling & wonton & veggie.

There are plenty of competition around with steamboat restaurants nearby & around Menjalara area but Happy City Steamboat is still a firm favourite for food-lovers; I really don’t know the reason why, hehe 😛

Happy City Steamboat

Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
(Beside Carrefour Kepong)


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