>Happy Mid Autumn Festival

>I love to watch Taiwanese shows.. It’s where I learn that Taiwanese always celebrate their Mid Autumn Festival with BBQ..
so I wanted to embrace the Mid Autumm Festival with BBQ too 🙂 But there were only 2 of us… ~.~


Thanks to my colleague for loaning me this electrical BBQ grill
BBQ is now so so convenient…. I like it 🙂

Done some grocery shoppings at Giant & Jaya Jusco.
Why go 2 places?
Because that particular Giant outlet don’t have non-halal meat for sale 🙁
pork pork pork… it’s my favourite..

Black Pepper Pork Loin

Pork Bacon

Darabif Lamb Patties


Button Mushroom

Enoki Mushroom

Dory Fish (Already marinated with some spices)

Cheese Sausage

Grilling~ Grilling~ Grilling~

Enoki mushroom + Button Mushroom + Butter + Black Pepper
Nice with aroma of butter!!!

Corn + Butter

Grilled Dory Fish

Now it’s time to MAKAN!!

Must flood this post with lots of photos, haha ^.^

Played candles & lanterns with the customary Mid Autumm Round moon as background~~
*Although I’m way too old for these but I never missed it every year ^.^*

HAPPY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL to all my readers!!!


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