Home Made Dishes

Potato Soup
Ingredients : Potato(steam or boil until soft), Onion, Butter, Chicken Stock , fresh milk, pepper & salt

Step 1: Prepare chicken stock.

Step 2 : Cook some onion with butter.

Step 3 : Add chicken stock into onion and let cool for a while.

Step 4 : Potato cut into cube & blend with blender together with the chicken stock and onion.


Step 5 :Cook the blended potato then add in fresh milk, black pepper, white pepper & salt for seasoning.


Minced meat with Japaneses Tofu & Tomato
Ingredients: Japanese Tofu, Onion, Minced Meat (marinated with pepper, saya sauce & sesame oil), Tomato, Soya Bean Paste

Step 1 : Heat the wok, add in oil then put tomato, onion & minced meat.

Step 2 : Put in Japaneses tofu, add in 1 table spoon of soya bean paste and add in some water. Let it cook for a while. No additional salt needed because soya bean paste is salty enough.

Step 3 :Ready to be served!!! 


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