Hong Kong Hotel & Restoran @ Cameron Highlands

We initially planned an early dinner (6pm +) on our last Cameron Highland trip to avoid the crowd but unfortunately when we arrived at Brinchang (where most of the restaurants located) there was queue in front of every steamboat restaurant. Yes, EVERY of them!

So how? We parked our car nearby the pasar malam and strolled around that area and went into this restaurant with the shortest queue 😛 We got our table without long wait since we were in small group of 3 person.


We came here for the steamboat so I didn’t care much about others food but from the photos on the wall, this restaurant serve typical “dai chow” food as well.



After the ordering, a quirky looking steamboat pot with long chimney was brought to our table. Actually you can opt for normal steamboat pot too, just like what the patrons next to our table had.



A shallow plate filled with water was placed underneath the charcoal operated steamboat stove which definitely my first time saw this.



Seem like there is only one type of soup base available here because the staff didn’t ask for our choices when ordering made. Clear soup with mild herbal taste and addition of cabbage.





Came with ingredients such as pork, chicken, meat balls, fish balls, prawns, mushrooms, tofu, noodles, eggs and lots of fresh vegetables, pretty standard I would say.



Verdict: We paid RM 41.00 for our steamboat dinner, food wise and the vegetables were exceptionally fresh and crisp. But to our dismay, the service was extremely slow although there are less than 10 tables in this restaurant and our drinks came only after 20 minutes of order which I thought is quite unreasonable.


P7181990   Hong Kong Hotel & Restoran
   No.5,  Jalan Besan, Brinchang
   39100 Cameron Highland.


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