>I am on leave…

>Dear “my wife” Blog,

RE: Leave Application

I am writing on behalf of my wife to to formally inform you (the blog) that my wife has delivered (a mighty beautiful princess) on 6th September 2009 (flashback here). She wish to apply for a leave of absence starting from 6th September 2009.

As you know, she takes great pride in her performance and the quality of her work for you (this blog). To ensure her job responsibilities will be managed during the period that she is away from the office, I am making the following proposal for work coverage, communications during leave and her return to work.

A. Work Coverage

  • Eat delicious food (on hold for at least one month)
  • Take photos of food (you won’t be interested)
  • Update blog (haha… not a chance for this month)

B. Communications

  • Windows Live Messenger aka MSN (not this month)
  • Facebook/Friendster (not this month)
  • Forum (not this month)
  • Mobile Phone (errr… it’s possible)

Hence I request you to grant my wife a leave period of undefined length. However, she is expected resume work within a month but if there is any problem, I shall give you prior notice of delay.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

The Husband

p/s: attached is a photo as a proof


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