I Cook: Mission Wrap Salmon Pizza

Due to the air pollution was at hazardous level on last Monday, eating out seem like not a very good idea so I’ve made this simple salmon pizza by using Mission Wraps.


1 Mission Wrap

1-2 tbsp tomato sauce/paste

1 handful Mozzerella cheese

 Salmon, cut into cubes

 Salt, pepper & mixed herbs for marination and seasoning



Mission Wraps which come in a variety of flavours to suit different tastes such as Original, Garlic, Potato, Onion & Chive, and Wholegrain.



Step 1: Bake both side of the wrap in oven for 1 minute, the wrap will become crispy like chip.



Step 2: Spread a layer of tomato sauce on the wrap, I put Leggo’s Napoletana pasta sauce which I won from the Simplot Food Blogger Cook Off Competition.  Topped with Mmozzerella cheese.



Step 3: Put the marinated salmon cubes, topped with some Mozzerella cheese again if you want a more cheesy finish.



Step 4: Bake at 225 degrees for 4-5 min in the oven and the wrap pizza is ready to be served!



Thin crispy base and chunky cheesy topping, yummy~~



Cracked in an egg for another creamier version ^__*



It’s a simple and versatile recipe where one can add in any ingredients such ask seafood, meat or even vegetables! There are still some balance Mission wraps in my fridge, any recipe to share with me?


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