I wish….

It’s my XXth(not revealing :p) birthday today and I wanted to share a birthday wish here with my fellow friends and acquaintance ~~

It’s been a tough year with a lot of bumpy roads.
The bumpiest is when I (we) have to handover the task of babysitting our beloved Samantha from family members to total strangers due to some reasons. Yes, we have decided to put Samantha into a daycare centre and that’s about two months ago.
She is clearly unhappy with our decision. I am deeply sadden when Sam wakes up every morning and her first sentence will always be “No, No, No!” (not willing to go to daycare). I also noted a behavioral change on her as her tantrums are very frequent and longer. She does not want to go outside of the house as much as before. It is worse when she is recovering from a long suffering cough and flu.

My birthday wish is that Samto be happy again ~

Enjoy playing the swing at KLCC Park.

Posing happily in front of her favorite fountain πŸ™‚


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