Ice Room

The final post for my 2011 New Year Day Port Dickson trip. Please refer the link below for previous posts:-

PD Ostrich Show Farm
Avillion Admiral Cove
Dinner @ Weng Yin Seafood Village

After our dinner, we initially want to visit the night market aka pasar malam but there was a bad traffic jam & parking seem like quite horrendous at that area,so we gave up. We drove around Port Dickson town & we bumped into a shop with eye-catching green colour signboard ~ Ice Room.

The restaurant adopted a simple & bright white theme.

Ice Room not only serve their signature shaved ice in various flavors but also wide variety of snacks, western cuisines, local delights, congee & soup.

I really spoilt with choices when I flipped through the menu & at last we settled with shaved ice in my favorite flavor 😛

Black Knight (RM 8.90)

This is black sesame shaved ice topped with crushed peanut, black & white sesame seeds & jelly balls. The black sesame shaved ice was dense in flavor & the crunchiness of the crushed peanut and the sesame seeds gave it a good munching texture 🙂

Snow Bun (RM 4.50 for 3pcs)

The buns were forgettable >.< The skin was not fluffy and a tad too dry. The green filling was something resemble our “kaya”.

Ice Room



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