>Ichiban Boshi

They serve all types of Japanese cuisine like sushi, sashimi, soba & sikiyaki. There are an array of different types of desserts too.

Decorated with sake bottles

I like the pickled ginger, generously put on the table, you can eat how much you want 😛

Green Tea – RM 1.00 (Refillable)
Why so dark in colour? Taste doesn’t like green tea too…

Tamago sushi – RM 2.00
They don’t have menu for sushi, it’s hard for those don’t sit near conveyor belt to know what sushi they have.

Don Don Wazen – RM 29.90
It’s in chef recommendation menu – Appetizer, Miso Soup, Spicy salmon sashimi with rice, BBQ eel with egg rice, Soft shell crab tempura & Fruit. Can share by 2 person, definitely a steal!!

Appetizer – Fried fish skin with sourish sauce.

Miso Soup

Spicy salmon sashimi with rice – A lot of bird eye chili on top, for those who cannot eat too spicy must be careful when eating.

BBQ eel with egg rice – Oh…definitely a divine bowl of rice. The egg cook to perfection, not too old accompany by the tender & juicy BBQ eel—finished without leaving any single rice in a jiffy by me , hehe 😛

Soft shell crab & fruit – The batter is a bit thick but still acceptable & luckily not too oily.

Mousy Brownie – RM 8.90
The dessert is extremely delectable. Warm chocolate brownie, vanilla ice, crunchy peanuts and a dollop of cream, simply delicious…

Ichiban Boshi
Lot 1.14 Pavilion KL
(In Food Republic)


  • >i love their soba…and the green tea last time i try also not like green tea…

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving

    >definitely would order the salmon don without chilli..chilli all over..so malaysian isnt?

  • >aww i went thr last week. hand made soba!! too bad i always go for kids meal! wait for my update!!

  • >Tea looks more like Tit Quan Yin 🙁

    I love Unagi, must try the rice bowl. Slurp!

  • >RM29.90 for the set is really worth it, so much food…. ^_^

  • >the last picture is fried ‘fan shu’… i dunno english name is what le^^

  • >squall : hmm…soba, I will try it next time..

    joe : without chili ar? They stated on menu is SPICY salmon sashimi wor…

    yammylicious : kids meal is too small for my appetite 😛

    julian : ya, the tea taste like chinese tea to me >.< ling : it’s really a good deal!! weiwei : thanks 🙂

  • >yeah, i dined in before too. i hv ordered soemthing like ur BBQ eel with egg, but mine is not served on top of rice but with soup in a pan.. your desserts look delicious oh.. i’m a superb fan of japanese food, recommend more ya..:)

  • >anonymous :BBQ eel with egg in soup? That’s new for me 🙂

  • >the food looks great… always enjoy Japaneses food….

    i discovered a jap restaurant in Kota Damansara… eh…. same row as starbucks… look for Ichi Bento.. they serve jap bento and u can mixed and match the food that u wan…

    eh.. price is reasonable.. about RM13+ to RM20+ per set.. depending what u order la…

    i also like their fruit smoothies… they use only fresh fruit.. yummy….

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