>Italian Cone Pizza

>In my mind, Selayang is a boring place. There’s nothing special to see & nothing special to eat. Once, I went there to search for food, but I couldn’t find an outlet that intrigue me. So, I end up at Old Town White Coffee =.=”
I do “feel” for Selayang-nese 🙁

However, recently I heard from my colleague that there’s a restaurant operating at Selayang Mall serving “Cone Pizza”. It really attracted my attention when I heard “cone pizza”…..
“Pizza which looks like a cone ice-cream” as described by my colleague. Interesting? 🙂

Situated just next to Secret Recipe of Selayang Mall.

The restaurant has adopted a bright white theme with sharp red chairs & comfy black sofa seat.

Seasoning bottles on the table with “add all-you-can” cheese powder 😛

Half full comment box 🙂 ~~

Fettucine Carbonara (Beef) – RM 10.90
The pasta was cooked to al-dente with generous amount of beef bacon. The creamy white sauce was not too thick & the portion was just nice for my tummy 🙂

Classic Pepperoni (Chicken) Set with extra cheese (RM 17.90)
The set consist of beverage, soup of the day & a cone pizza. The soup of the day is negligible (canned soup was used) but the star of the set is the CONE PIZZA!!!

The generous pizza filling & cheese wrapped with a thin slightly crispy pastry skin performed in cone shape. Definitely a new eating experience huh…

Cheese Cake – RM 6.90
The texture of the cake was not firm enough, lack of cheesey taste too, not a good cheese cake, I can say~~

Free coupon given but I didn’t use it & it’s expiry already 😛

Italian Cone Pizza

Lot GSW-1A
Ground Floor
Selayang Mall.

PS: Do you like my new layout? 🙂

Italian Cone Pizza


  • >I tasted cone pizza before when the (forgot wat name) cone pizza shop was still in pavilion..i love it..too bad the business wasn't good and it closed down..>.<

  • >cone pizza
    quite special
    this is first time i saw

  • >这样吃不会烫吗?

  • >nice one~ Pavilion also have one store selling this type of cone pizza in the food court… if i'm not mistaken 🙂

  • >That cone pizza is something new to me. Hmm…would love to try 😉

    P/S: Ya..like your new layout!

  • >Yea to the new layout! ;p
    New year new look yea?

    Selayang for this really good BKT..open very early in the mornin.
    will get ard bloggin abt it..eventually.. hehehe

  • >the cone pizza looks rather small, no? yup, like the new lay out- very nice indeed 🙂

  • >Cone pizza?! What a concept! I like it!

    Great photos and nice new template!

  • >i used to lepak in selayang mall cos there's a cinema there…hehe. hear so much about the cone thingy but no time to try…sigh….

  • >love your new layout! looks so pro now 😀

    the cone pizza looks really cute!!!

  • >love your layout mimi 🙂 and I'm eyeing on my fave carbonara! ;P Cono pizza looks special 🙂

  • >always pass by this small outlet but never had the chance to try.
    looks too cute for me~ ;P

  • >wow.. purple blog! anyway, they have cone in kota dsara too. good for working lunch!

  • >nice new layout.

    love a try on that pizza cone. but in selayang. very very far away ><

  • >Jean: Come tp Selayang!!!

    sock peng: My 1st time too 🙂

    Shell: 不会太烫,料和芝士蛮多的, 会饱 😛

    santa: But Jean said closed down dy?

    tunadolphin: Hope u like it 🙂

    thenomadgourmand: New beginning mah..hehe 🙂

    sc: The ingredients quite sufficient ler, don't worry 😛

  • >Colin: New templete with bigger photo!!!

    Nic: The cinema still existing meh?

    xin: Still a long way to called "pro" lah , paiseh…

    christine: I love carbonara too 🙂

    chiariyees: Go try it if u passby again 🙂

    C & C: Same restaurant?

    ai wei: Hmm… want me courier for u some?haha ^.^

  • >Great intro to the cone pizza. Would love to have the experience too.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  • >first Sri Rampai outlet open, thn Selayang Mall, thn Kota Damansara n last Puchong IOI Boulevard.. but in the end close down is first Selayang Mall, thn Sri Rampai, thn Kota Damansara n last stil alive is in Puchong IOI Boulevard. wat i heard latest news is Puchong IOI Boulevard Italian Cone Pizza will close down soon… might be next year will be close down.. thn in Klang Valley ther is no more Italian Cone Pizza which can b dine in… tats is sad but v stil can go for another pizza industry to enjoy the pizza.

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