Japanese BBQ @ Taman Desa

Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉, a place that blogged to death by many, located at the most unlikely place of back alley of Plaza Faber in Taman Desa. This Japanese food stall was actually manned by Mr. Seiji Fujimoto, the owner of Sanuki Udon (which is also located nearby).



Most of the tables are placed outdoor surrounded by old flats and limited tables/seats in the shack.



The flaming charcoal stove was placed on our table after the ordering made.



Simple menu consisted of raw meat (pork & beef) & vegetables for BBQ, ramens, rice dishes, snacks and beverages (mostly beer, sake and green tea)



Green Tea (RM 1.00)



Sake (RM 16.00)

Since a few of my family members don’t take beef, so we only had pork that day for our grilling session.


Pork Belly (RM 10.00)


Pork Shoulder (RM 10.00)


Pig’s Tongue (RM 6.00)

Portion was decent considering the price we paid and the meat was cut into quite a big piece.



Mix Vegetables (RM 5.00)

To meet our vegetables quota, we had this platter of carrot, cabbage and onion for grilling however I found that the result was merely satisfied, the vegetables were either burnt or undercook after grilling. I’ll opt for Teppanyaki vegetables instead next time >.<



Long Cabbage Salad (RM 5.00)



Edamame (RM 3.00)



Genghis Khan (RM 20.00)

Before grilling the raw meat, we started off with the only lamb dish in the menu ~ Genghis Khan. The hot pan was filled with partially cooked lamb slices, raw cabbage and onion with some flavorful gravy. The meat was slightly gamey (it’s lamb after all 😛 ) but still remained the tenderness and the cabbage managed to soak up the gravy nicely after being cooked.




Grilling in action!

The grilled meat was bursting with smokey flavor with minimal marinade, we enjoyed the meat’s original flavor especially the fat part which is succulent and delicious. The pig’s tongue on the other hand has a interesting chewy texture and it was quite tasty actually, don’t recoil when you see “the tongue” dude!



Pork Ramen (RM 10.00)


Japanese risotto (RM 6.00)

Both ramen and risotto tasted wise and acted as good tummy filler considering the grilled meat wasn’t fill us up effectively 😛


Verdict: Food wasn’t that great to be honest, it’s just about the experience.


IMG_2648   Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ
   Center Court, Plaza Faber
   Jalan Desa Jaya
   Taman Desa, off Jalan Klang Lama
   58100 Kuala Lumpur.
   Opens daily expect Monday: 6pm till

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ


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