Japanese Food Fiesta @ Dorsett Grand Subang

From 4 to 16 September 2017, Grand Dorsett Subang will offer a tantalizing array of Japanese delicacies for the enjoyment of diners at Terazza Brasserie, Cafe Aroma and Piano Lounge. Specially crafted by featured guest chef from Agora Hospitalities – Chef Shigeaki Ota who once served the Crown Prince of Japan.

Chef Shigeaki Ota

At Terazza Brasserie, a Japanese corner will be created to showcase the dishes by Chef Shigeaki Ota which is available for buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. 5 choices of delectable Bento Sets priced from RM55 nett will be available for lunch and dinner. A good selection of Yakitori will also be featured at the Piano Lounge complemented by selection of sake.

Not only at Dorsett Grand Subang, this Japanese Food Fiesta promotion will be extended to Dorsett Putrajaya(14 – 23 September), Dorsett Kuala Lumpur (22 – 30 September) and Dorset Grand Labuan (28 – 8 October).


Tempura Set (RM55.00nett)

Featuring assorted Tempura, appetizers, Chawanmushi, miso soup, steamed rice and Yuzu ice cream.

Lightly battered prawn, Shiso leaf, brinjal, lady finger and sweet potato were served pipping hot with Tempura sauce and grated radish. It’s definitely delightful savouring these Tempura beautifully coated with a thin and light crispy tempura batter.

My favourite dish of Chawanmushi, never failed to make me gleam with joy.


Sushi Set (RM78.00nett)

Comprised of Nigiri Sushi, Maki Roll, simmered shrimps with vegetables, sesame tofu, soy grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel, Chawanmushi, miso soup, sorbet or ice cream.

The generous size of fish and egg layered atop of the vinegary rice definitely manage to great satisfactory to the sushi lovers.

Simmered Shrimps with Vegetables

Sesame Tofu was light in flavor with a pretty interesting texture.


Beef Sukiyaki Set (RM88.00nett)

The set comes with sliced beef sirloin, Chinese cabbage, Japanese leek, tofu, cellophane noodles, Shiitake mushrooms in Sukiyaki hotpot served with white rice. There are also side dishes such as appetizer, miso soup, sesame tofu and Yuzu ice cream as dessert.

Tender pieces of beef sirloin and other ingredients served pipping hot in cast iron pot filled with sweet savoury Sukiyaki broth. This pot alone is a wholesome meal with meat, noodles and completed with assorted of vegetables.


Shokado Bento (RM108.00nett)

Featuring a fully loaded Japanese Bento box with various of dishes, clear soup with minced fish ball, appetizers, sesame tofu, Chawanmushi, steamed rice as well as choices of sorbet or ice cream. Portion wise, it is good enough for two small eater or a very filling portion for one.


Sit neatly in the Japanese lacquer Bento box are 2 types of fresh Sashimi, soy grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel, Tamago (Japanese style omelette), simmered sweet potatoes, fry-simmered taro, grilled beef with miso, Tempura and simmered shrimp.


The thick cut Sashimi and assorted Tempura

Soy grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel, Tamago (Japanese style omelette), simmered sweet potatoes, fry-simmered taro and boiled spinach with seasoning.

Simmered prawn with vegetables.

Grilled beef with miso

Steamed rice studded with prawn, mushroom and carrot.


Sashimi Set (RM128.00nett)

Sashimi is one of the crucial element in Japanese cuisine and this Japanese Food Fiesta will never complete without showcases assorted premium air-flown seafood.

Arranged on bed of ice, the freshest Sashimi of the the day was cut into adequate thickness which allow diners to savour the wonderful sweetness of the seafood with hints of oceanic. Enjoy this with a dab of soy sauce and wasabi make my day anytime! We had Tuna, Sea Bream, Sweet Shrimp, Amberjack, Scallop, Salmon and Squid that evening. Selection of seafood is subject to market availability. Also included in the set are Chawanmushi, mosi soup, steamed rice and Yuzu ice cream.


There are a few bar snacks which can be ordered at Piano Lounge to pair with selection of sake.

Shake Hara Shioyaki (RM38.00nett)

I am pretty pleased with the grilled Salmon belly with salt, It was delicious and creamy. The lightly seasoned skin was grilled to crispy perfection with nice smoky flavor and since it’s a fattier cut from the belly, the salmon flesh underneath literally melts-in-the-mouth.


Saba Teriyaki (RM28.00nett)

The savoury sweet Teriyaki sauce well complemented the rich oily flavours of the mackerel. This one was beautiful with moist flesh and pleasant smoky flavor.


Tori Karaage (RM28.00nett)

Chicken chunks were marinated, battered and fried to crispy juiciness. The Tori Karaage here is well executed, a squeeze of lemon brightened up the flavours and mayonnaise dipping for those who love this creamy condiment. It was also served with shredded cabbage on the side to balance up the heaviness of the fried chicken.


Tori Teriyaki (RM28.00nett)

Gyuniku Teriyaki (RM32.00nett)

Both chicken and beef in Teriyaki sauce were rather mediocre though.


Green Tea Ice Cream

Don’t miss this opportunity to have a taste of authentic Japanese dishes by Chef Shigeaki Ota at Dorsett Hotels and Resorts.

There is an exclusive offer for CIMB credit card members – 25% off with minimum spend of RM300.00 in a single receipt. For more information, kindly log in to the hotels’ website:-

Dorsett Grand Subang: www.dorsetthotels.com/malaysia/subang

Dorsett Putrajaya: www.dorsetthotels.com/malaysia/putrajaya

Dorsett Kuala Lumpur: www.dorsetthotels.com/malaysia/kualalumpur

Dorsett Grand Labuan: www.dorsetthotels.com/malaysia/labuan


  • Their Japanese food presentation looked very complete and beautiful! The set prices are also very affordable given the fact of this Ota-San was an Imperial Chef. That’s a very distinguished & fabulous credentials any Japanese Chef could have. Bookmarked!

    So coincidence, I met a new intern staff from Nagoya at my Japanese client’s office and he has the same surname as this Chef.

  • The sesame tofu I thought was a dessert in your first photo. This is the first time I’ve seen a chawanmushi where all the ingredients are hidden….haha! 😀 The grilled salmon belly looks the tastiest 🙂

    • Kris, the Chawanmushi… I thought it was a plain steamed egg without any ingredients but when I dug deeper, I found chicken ginkgo nut and mushroom at the bottom 😛

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