Jia Restaurant @ Kings Green Hotel, Melaka

Ok, as promised in my hotel review post, here’s the first meal I had at Jia Resturant, Kings Green Hotel. Why I said first meal? It’s because the dining experience was a delightful one so we had our lunch here too before going back to KL.


The restaurant is spacious and cozy. Completed with white cushioned chair and table with red table cloth, sparingly decorated with antique ceramic crocks.


Banquette seats


There are a few private rooms as well.


Braised Longevity Noodles (RM38.00)

First arrived on our table that evening was a humongous plate of braised noodles laden bountifully with ingredients such as prawns, squid, bean sprouts, mushroom and spring onion. Submerged in thick flavourful gravy, the noodles definitely well worth slurping up.


Braised Seafood Noodles (RM42.00)

The next noodles was just as good if not better. Braised with fresh prawns, fish fillets, mushrooms, carrot, ginger and garlic, the noodles was well braised to a perfect texture, beautifully infused with toothsome flavours.


Steamed Seabass in Spicy Lime Juice (RM 49.00)

Covered with meticulously carved radish net, the fish steamed with spicy and sour sauce was delicious. The real draw was the pungent, saliva-inducing garlic-lime sauce, it packed a flavorful punch- acidic and addictive-spicy. 


Claypot Braised Chicken with Salted Fish (RM28.00)

If you like your Salted Fish Pork Belly (Ham Yu Fa Lam Bou 咸鱼花腩煲) at Dai Chow place,  this chicken version would suffice to please you. Packed with the amazing fragrance of salted fish, ginger and dried chillies, the chicken chunks were tender and richly coated with that moreish savoury sauce that went well with bowl of rice.


Baked Prawns with Cheese and Butter Garlic Sauce (RM42.00)

The prawns were perfectly baked to retained its firm and bouncy texture, topped with butter garlic sauce that complement the crustacean without too overpowering. 


Deep Fried Squid with Butter (RM31.00)

Filled in an expertly carved watermelon bowl, this dish unquestionably steal the limelight once it was brought to our room. I enjoyed tremendously the egg floss however the fried squid was over-cooked rendering a slightly rubbery texture.

Remark: Surcharge will be added for this carved watermelon bowl.


Stir Fried Asparagus with Assorted Mushroom (RM25.00)

Light but delightful to the palate with its assorted vegetables and mushrooms that provide multi-textural bite.


Homemade Bean Curd (RM20.00)

The homemade bean curd with pleasant eggy flavour was topped with savoury minced meat, quite a common dish at any Chinese restaurants.


Pancake (RM12.00)

One gets a lovely hit of fragrant nutty aroma from the generous amount of sesame seeds  as well as the crispiness of the freshly fried pancakes filled with lotus paste.


Fruit Platter (RM12.00)

Simply one of the prettiest fruit platters I’ve ever seen! The visually arresting fruit platter with assorted fresh fruits put an endnote to our wonderful dinner.

**Note: All prices shown is for portion of 4-5pax but our portion was specially order to cater our group of 12 persons.


Verdict: This was indeed a very good meal, with most of the dishes belong to category of ‘I’d definitely won’t regret ordering’. Flavours of the dishes were on spot and the dining environment is comfortable. Do drop by if you want a decent Chinese meal at Melaka.


Jia Restaurant 家

Kings Green Hotel

28, Jalan Tun Perak, 75300 Melaka.

Tel: +606-288 1091

Website: http://www.kingsgreenhotel.com.my/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kings-Green-Hotel-City-Centre-Melaka-701633139862812/


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