Jinjin Soora @ Plaza Mont Kiara

It’s my family usual gathering and this round we had Korean food! After asking recommendations from my K-food fanatic friend, we decided to try out Jinjin Soora which nestled in Plaza Mont Kiara.


The main dining area was rather spacious with simple minimal décor. The restaurant was fully occupied during our visit on a weekend evening, advanced booking is recommended.


We were given one of the private rooms located further end of the restaurant which can accommodate approximately 20 persons.


While waiting for our orders to arrive, the obligatory Banchan as well as condiments and sauces was served on our table.

Familiar Korean dishes such as BBQ meat, soups, noodles, rice, stews, casseroles , bulgogi and pancakes dominate the menu. The meat selection was limited to pork and beef only but there are impressive choices of casseroles like Mushroom Casserole, Dumpling Casserole and Seafood Casserole, just to name a few.


Osam Bulgogi Hanpan (RM83.00)

At sight, there’s a whole of food going on the sectioned hot plate set on a portable stove. The squid & pork belly bulgogi with soybean sprouts sat in the center, surrounded by shredded cheese, chopped kimchi, egg mixture, raw garlic and green chili, all to be cooked gently over the burner.


Packed with moreish and piquant flavours, the squid, pork and cabbage combo went so well with steamed rice. You may also wrap this with the lettuce provided.


Mandu Jeongol (RM78.00)

Also served on a portable burner, the dumpling casserole was laden bountifully with plump dumplings, mushrooms, vegetables and kimchi. The broth packed a nice fiery punch where the spiciness beautifully nuanced it’s addictive. I couldn’t help but keep savouring the broth. The dumplings were filled generously with delicious meat and chives filling.


Pork Jowl (RM30.00/200g)

Spareribs (RM30.00/200g)

The meat was barbequed by the staff outside our room. These were rather mediocre, nothing to shout about.  


Original Gimbap (RM13.00)


Japchae (RM29.00)

This was a bit under-seasoned and for this price, I was hoping for a bigger portion.


Haemol Panjeon (RM28.00)

Kimchi-jeon (RM22.00)

Both pancakes were good and I especially love the seafood and spring onion. Thick seafood pancake with lots of spring onions was tasty and filled with lots of textures from its ingredients. 


Complimentary fruit.


Verdict: Korean food never come cheap, but judging from the portion, the price charged was fairly reasonable, I must say. As far as the food was concerned, I had no complaints on the food we had that day. Service wise, the staffs were quite attentive.


Jinjin Soora

Block C-G-2, Plaza Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. (Opposite Starbucks)

Tel: +603-6206 3115

Operating hours: 11.00am to 11.00pm, daily

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jinjinsoora.malaysia/


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