Kedai Makanan Seremban

On the way back to KL from my Johor trip, we stopped by Seremban for dinner and the famous Seremban BBQ crab was the first idea furnished a snap into “our” mind. With the assistance of the GPS, we reached Kedai Makanan Seremban during the peak hour of dinner time.



No surprise that we were greeted with scene like this, the restaurant was brimmed with patrons. =.=”  With a lot of reviews across the blogosphere and being featured in countless media, let’s see how’s their reputation!

After the ordering was made, we loitering around and the best thing to do definitely is cam-whoring 😛


Baskets of live crabs catching our attention.


Sam and crabs 😛



Titbit: Fried wonton skin


Chili dipping, for the crabs I assumed. It tasted slightly sourish and moderate spiciness, other ingredients of chopped parsley and garlic also spotted in the concoction. The chili sauce went well with the fried wonton skin and pretty addictive too.



Seremban BBQ Crab 芙蓉烧蟹


Although this was called BBQ Crab (芙蓉烧蟹 ) “Fu Yong Siu Hai” in Cantonese but don’t expect any grilling action to be seen here as the crab was deep fried then coated with sticky sweet sauce which is much tasted like Marmite style instead of BBQ/grilled. The crustacean was OK but didn’t meet my high expectation however the freshness is undeniable.



Salted Egg Yolk Crab


While the freshness of the crab was at top notch the grainy salted egg yolk complementing the sweetness of the fleshy crabs well. This was sinfully delicious and please throw aside the worry of high cholesterol, every pieces was finger licking good I tell ya!



Deep Fried Tilapia in Butter Sauce

The fish was deep fried rendering the flesh was dry and the butter sauce given was too little for such a big fish.



Siong Tong Yun Choy

Yuen Choy in superior soup with century eggs and woldberries for the fiber quota.



Salted Fish Pork Belly

The thinly sliced pork belly was coated with flavorful seasoning of dark soy sauce, dried chili and onions. Very fragrant with pleasant smoky taste, savory enough to go with multiples bowls of rice.




Verdict: The signature BBQ crab didn’t impress me while others dishes also quite common in my books and I can get it easily at KL.


IMG_8744  Kedai Makanan Seremban
  No 3720-3724, Jalan Tuanku Munawir,
  70000 Seremban, N.S.
  Tel : 06-7641 260  Business Hour : 11am -1am



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