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We have experienced stranger weathers before at Malaysia but the current hot spell seems to be testing our tolerance limit. Alas, the hot spell is expected to have a longer unwelcome stay as scientists are predicting another year of record heat in 2016.

For office workers like me, working in air-conditioning is one of the perks that we enjoy. That is until we need to brave the heat again when it’s lunch time. If your car is not parked in a shade like me, you will be sitting in a an oven before you can have your one hour lunch break. Pffft…

Well, it is high time that we can enjoy great quality lunch that you do not even need to step out of your office. I was introduced to Kimnana Bento by a friend of mine and was intrigued to try it out after browsing through their website. The bento offered look inviting and the choices are decent.

About Kimnana Bento

Kimnana Bento was established by a group of people who shares common vision and idea about convenient boxed lunches. The word Bento is the slang term for Chinese word 便当 or Bian Dang,meaning conveniently boxed. The Kimnana’s team found that although there are similar form of box lunches in many countries, most of them are plain and simple. Inspired from the flourished and aesthetically prepared Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese bentos, Kimnana has churned out these great looking, healthy, convenient and time saving boxed lunch.


The order and payment procedure is easy, I like they provide option of cash on delivery but make sure you pay the exact amount ya 😛


Click HERE for Kimnana Bento Website.


Let’s see what I’ve tried!


Gumiho Beauty Bento

This Gumiho Beauty Bento series is Kimnana’s signature bento which is specifically designed to suit the nutritional and beauty needs of a woman. The food is in the bento is based on recommendations of nutritionists and naturopathics physicians.



Gumiho Slimming Bento (RM 17.90)

There are 5 options under the Gumiho category:- Slimming, Anti-Aging, Detox, Firming & Whitening.

20160405_131208My Gumiho Slimming Bento consists of grilled Seabass with seaweed, kimchi & celery in spicy & sour Sauce, rice, salad, dessert & a teabag.



The mains of grilled Seabass was nicely done. Sizable fish fillet dressed in spicy and sour sauce. The kimchi, celery and sprinkles of seaweeds provided a multitude of flavors to the fish.


Accompanied with sides of pickled cucumber with chili (resemble sambal), piackled seaweed, blanched carrots & spinach, halved Japanese soft boiled egg & dessert of grass jelly with red bean.



Corn silk tea.




Cutlery is attached for every bento.



Club Bento

Another categorize which is more affordable but equally attractive in terms of flavors and packaging.



Honey Mustard Fried Fish Fillet (RM 9.90)


The portion was huge even for a big eater like me! I like the deep fried crumbed fish fillet still remained its crunchiness when reached my office. The sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce complemented the fish quite well. The vegetables and hard boiled egg provided a well balance diet to the overall bento.

Verdict: Food wise, the flavors was meticulously calibrated, not too heavy in seasoning nor too bland. Portion is definitely is good for the price charged.


Kimnana Bento





  • This is an interesting post about healthy food. I am amazed to read its categories of Slimming, Anti-Aging, Detox, Firming & Whitening!! They are so nicely packed and suitable for ladies to stay indoors during lunch hours as the UV radiation is very harmful outside.

    • These bento not only for ladies but men also 🙂 They are concern about their beauty too nowadays, look at the wide range of men’s skin care, men’s manicure & others, hehe ^__^

  • This kind of bento is always what intrigued me! I love they actaully incorporated a lot of healthy ingredients in it. I love how the packaged the bento too, very beautiful.

    Psst….Actually I did have this idea of starting similar business because I know how it feels like driving out to buy lunch and you end up caught in a jam under hot baking sun…and then can’t find parking. I would like to add in a fruit or detox juice too. Heheheh

  • Bringing the old school business model to the new age!

  • This is something I can totally get behind! 🙂

    It reminds me of the nice bento boxes in Japan. I’ll go for these bento boxes too, not for slimming or detox, but just to eat coz they look delicious! I like how everything is nicely separated and they’ve obviously put a bit of thought into presentation too. The pricing is decent too, it’s about the amount you’ll pay for a workday lunch anyway.

    The packaging is really nice! I like the Japanese twist.

  • I’m always looking for lunch delivery to my office area.. this is another good option for me after i see the word “Slimming Bento” >< Thanks for your great recommendation ^^

  • Have a try Gladys, and share your experience!

  • Too bad these are just lunch bentos with a preset minimum order quantity…otherwise wouldn’t mind having it for dinner when I’m too lazy to go out (since my last online food delivery wasn’t that great).

  • Its so convenient to order online. Nowadays, I noticed there are several companies doing this. Imagine go out for lunch, time+petrol+jam, you wasted. Plus sweat lagi. LOL!

  • Is there any similar service at Seremban?

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