Kompassion @ Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya

For a foodie like me and you (I assumed my readers are as glutton as me, lalala~~~), any kind of celebrations are about EAT EAT and EAT! Agree? Another round of birthday celebration with my makan kaki brought us to Kompassion at Damansara Kim, a Non-Halal fusion Thai food restaurant.



Kompassion is helmed by Chef Nikom Uatthong who used to be the food consultant and executive chef at My Elephant. We had a rather pleasant dining experience at My Elephant and the Non-Halal status had intrigued us to check out this place.









The restaurant is spacious and airy with tables and chairs arranged neatly within the dining area. Hanging lights, steel zinc pieces, raw concrete walls and vintage metal tin plates blended well with the rustic yet comfortable setting.



Green Tea Lemongrass (RM 3.50++)



Kaffir Lime Lemongrass (RM 8.50++)



Ice Coffee Milk (RM 13.00++)



Let’s the real feast begin, shall we?



Double Cooked Pork Belly and Soft Shell Crab with Cucumber Salad (RM 65.00++)

I supposed this dish is categorized under starter menu but it arrived after we finished our meal. But I tell you what, it appeared to be the most memorable dish of that evening and proved that every bit worth to wait.


Deep fried soft shell crab was beautifully done, crispy and not oily.



Lovely crispy crackling skin with adequate fat-to-lean meat ratio, the double cooked pork belly definitely on a stellar level. The tangy sauce complemented the meat very well and successfully offset the richness of the meat.


As a supporting cast, the salad turned out to be another praise worthy item in the platter. Crisp leaves, almond flakes and tobiko accompanied with tangy dressing which was really refreshing to the palate and lifted up the flavors of the overall salad.



Tom Yum Fish (Small ~ RM 38.00++)


Laden with fish fillets, mushroom, tomato and plenty of coriander leaves, the Tom Yum might look “tame” from its innocent appearance but the heat caught on soon after the a sip. Diners can opt for your prefer spiciness level when ordering.



Paenang Curry Tofu Vegetables (RM 28.00++)


My first time had tofu in my curry 😛 Creamy and rich in texture, the pot was filled with tofu cubes and variety of vegetables. Portion was rather small for the price paid.



Paku (RM 15.00++)

The fern leaves cooked in mild spicy sauce with subtle tomato and dried shrimp flavors. Well executed with multitude of flavors which was savory enough to go well with rice.



Omelette Octopus (RM 25.00++)

This “luxury” version of omelette was certainly overpriced! Chunks of octopus hiding within not really can justify the hefty price tag.



Brown Rice (RM 14.00++)




Coconut Gelato (RM 10.00++)

This appeared to be resembled Thai famous Tub Tim Krob dessert (Red Ruby) but with a twist. Instead of shaved ice, coconut gelato was used , paired with usual ingredients of jackfruit, Red Ruby and crowned with basil seeds.



Coconut Cheese Cake (RM 10.00++)

Interestingly associated slivers of cendol in the cheese cake and topped with fresh coconut flesh and attap palm seed then drizzled with Gula Melaka. An astounding dessert that provide a sweet ending to the meal.


Verdict: Food and dining ambiance was above average however the portion was quite small for the pricing.



No.5, Jalan SS 20/11,Damansara Utama,
46350, Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E

Tel: +603-77319256

Business Hours: 11.30am to 2:30pm, 6.00pm to 10:30pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kompassion.DamansaraKim


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