Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine @ Garden Shoppe One City, Subang Jaya

What’s come into your mind when I mention about Fuchow cuisine? For me, the only food I can think of is Fuchow red wine 😛 please pardon my shallow knowledge because Fuchow restaurant is rarely seen at Klang Valley and I never try any until an invitation knock my door.


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Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, a brainchild of a husband (Marcus) and wife specialized in Fuchow cuisine which prepared follow the recipe from the Marcus’s mother-in-law.

Nestled at Garden Shoppe One City which is still quite vacant at the moment and the location is a bit secluded I would say. But looking at the tenants as per advertised and the their effort to make One City as an urban oasis in the middle of this bustling Valley, I believe this place will be one of the happening place in Klang Valley in future~




The interior of the restaurant was simple and clean with rather warm lighting.



Beauty Tea

A beverage much more needed by me which really lack of sleeping recently 🙁

Consisted of French Rose, Jasmine Flower & Apple Flower for whitening and improvement of skin.



Red Wine Noodle Soup (RM 10.90 / RM 16.90)

Koufu serve 2 types of red wine mee suah, one is mild version with regular farm chicken to cater the “beginner” like me and the other one is with stronger dosage of red with with kampung chicken. The soup tasted very similar with the yellow rice wine that I used to be had a lot when confinement period. It has a good balance of flavors, slightly sweet with hint of sourness hiding within.

Knowledge Sharing

Red wine is made from fermentation of glutinous rice, red yeast rice and wine biscuit.

1) Cook the glutinous rice and blend the wine biscuit into powder form.

2) Add the cooled rice into the pre-soaked red yeast rice and water, sprinkle wine biscuit powder and stir well.

3) Place into a container and leave it at a well ventilated place, at room temperature. Do not tightened the cover of the container so that the gas from the fermentation process can be released.

4) Harvest the wine and rice residue after 20-30 days once the rice start settled down at the bottom.The harvest time depends on the weather and temperature.

For more detailed please refer HERE.



Fried Meat Wantan Dried Noodle (RM 8.90)

Tossed with dark soy sauce, the house made noodle has a great springy texture that I fond of! Accompanied with fried meat, crunchy fried beancurd stripes and some greens, this definitely won my heart from the impeccable texture of the noodle to the hearty side dishes.



Traditional Taste Fried Noodle (RM 7.90)

Another version of house made noodle was cooked ala Hokkien Mee style. The strands of noodles were well braised in dark aromatic soy sauce.



Koufu Long Yen Soup (RM 8.90)

With its special texture, this Long Yen Soup was a hit among all of us that night. Made with tapioca starch, flour and egg, cooked on a pan to resemble a pancake and then cut into noodles. The soft chewy noodle was submerged in a lightly starchy soup, the taste was delicate and very homey feel, we just love this!



Koufu La Mian Mixed with Laksa (RM 7.90)
Either you like it or don’t like at all, definitely no in between! For those who not used to the taste/smell of the bamboo shoot, I think the probability you don’t like this is HIGH! The first sip is bearable but the pungent smell/taste will attack your palate and nostril if you continue to savor it! The taste was complicated, there was Lu Mian (Braised Noodle) mixed with mackerel infused laksa broth, also spied were wood ear fungus, squid and fish pieces. But don’t take my word for it, the world is full of unpredictable, maybe you will like it, who knows?


Kong Piang (RM 3.50 ~ small, RM 6.90 ~ big)


A signature biscuit of Fuchow, I like the fragrant sesame and the crispy outer of it. The one we had here was with onion mixture filling.



Koufu Deep Fried Meat (RM 7.90)

Another crowd pleaser was the deep fried meat which infused with flavorful and enticing marinade, too addictive and we had to order for second plate 😛



Koufu Tang Shui (RM 4.90 ~ small, RM 5.90 ~ big)

The taste was resemble our “Lin Chee Kang”, brimming with 10 ingredients such as sweet potato, pearls, jelly, barley and etc.


Verdict: I like the homemade taste created by all the hearty ingredients being used and did I tell you that most of the ingredients are either brought directly from Setiawan or house made by owner’s mother-in-law herself!

IMG_9147  Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine
  B-11-GF, Garden Shoppe One City,
  Jalan USJ 25/1A
  7650 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E.
  Tel: +603-5115 0001 / +6012-393 5092
  Business hours: Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm
  Facebook: www.facebook.com/youkoufu
  Website: www.koufu.my/


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