Le Le Yakiniku @ Kepong Baru

Trying out new yakiniku place at my neighbourhood occupied the corner of stretch of stalls near AmBank  Kepong Baru, same row with Yuan Kee dai chow. (Not really new actually which was opened a few months ago :P)



 Simple setting by road side and limited tables (less than 10 if not mistaken?)



Basic condiments on every table such as pepper, salt and the interesting lemon juice in spray bottle.



 The flaming charcoal stove was placed on our table after the ordering made.



The “weak” flame of our stove made the our food take much more longer time to be cooked and they didn’t have the intend to change another stove for us although I’ve made complaint about it =.=”



Sweet sauce, chopped garlic & bird eye chili.


They have set meal and also ala carte order in their menu but choices are very limited. We opted for a set which consisted of sliced pork, prawns and some vegetables at RM 27.80.


Sliced pork without any marinade and sprinkled with some sesame seed which I’m not really care much about.



The size of the prawns was commendable and come with generous amount of 6 pieces.



The vegetables ~ carrot, corn, capsicum, pumpkin and iceberg lettuce. These were quite difficult to be grilled on the charcoal, rendering we’ll get some burnt and uncooked vegetables 🙁  But the grilled pumpkin came out to be soft and quite sweet.



Tofu puffs ~ Quite bland if grilled alone, I opted to slather with sweet sauce and it tasted slightly better~



White Rice (RM 1.50)

Looking at the portion of the set, we definitely need something to fill our half full tummy 😛



Green Tea (RM 2.00)



Grill grill grill, wait wait wait *impatiently and looking at strong flame of stove from other tables*



Mochi (RM 8.90)

The Japanese mochi was hard before grilling and when it can be ready when it started to bubbling on your grill.


Condensed milk and crushed peanut was served along with the mochi.


Dipped the pipping hot grilled mochi in the condensed milk then the crushed peanut and you can enjoyed the gooey and sticky goodness~~ Delicious and this definitely the saving grace of that night =.=”



Verdict: The food we had basically was very bland in flavor and this was not really a pleasant experience as the weak flame really annoyed us. Most probably not coming back since there is another similar stall at Taman Bukit Maluri which I heard that is opened by one of the owner from Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 at Taman Desa.


IMG_6114   Le Le Yakiniku
  Jalan Ambong Kiri 2
  Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
  Operating Hour: Dinner till late











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