Le Pont Smoke & Grill Bar @ Old Klang Road, K.L

Barbeque (BBQ), in my humble opinion, is the western equivalent of chinese-style feast, not in terms of cooking style but in the usage as bonding activity.

In my schooling years, we tend to gather over BBQ event where we shared laughter and showcased our “young chef” prowess in the meat grilling, aside from the hassle of cleaning up 🙂
Nowadays (in our advanced age), we still can reminisce with our old friends over a good BBQ feast but minus the cleaning up and “masak-masak” experience. Though we are spoilt for choices, I do have a highly positive experience at Le Pont Smoke & Grill Bar.


Located at Old Klang Road, one need to either take the staircase from the Le Pont Boulangerie or push open the metal door right beside the bakery, take lift/staircase to reach Le Pont Smoke & Grill Bar.


Mysteriously dressed in mixture of dark and wooden tone, completed with chic and modern furniture and warm lighting, striking a minimalist and simple look. The restaurant exudes a laid back and soothing vibe which makes for a quiet respite from the city.


Occupied the first and second floor of the building, we chose to be seated at the banquette chair facing the grilling and oven station to catch some kitchen actions. There is also a private room if one need more privacy for special occasions or gatherings.



Le Pont Boulangerie on the ground floor with small dining are. One can enjoy the impressive collection of pastries and cakes prepared by pastry chef hails from Japan as well as grab some drinks for your afternoon tea session.


Left to right: Virgin Jungle (RM15.00), Kaffir Lemonade (RM13.50) & Grapefruit Candy (RM14.50)

Other beverage options available are beers, fruit juices and sodas.


Seafood Soup Du Tomate (RM25.00)

From the starters section, we had this comforting broth of tomato soup with overloaded array of seafood such as Norwegian Salmon, mussels, prawn and clams. It was a satisfying soup with appetizing tomato tang laced with luscious seafood essence and hint of herbs completed the soup lusciously!


All Star Platter (RM280.00)

As its name implies, smoked and grilled food take center stage at Le Pont Smoke & Grill Bar. Equipped with smoker pit in the restaurant, patrons are expected to witness the food being smoked with the gentle heat and fragrant smoke created by the burning mangrove woods, definitely one of a kind experience and shouldn’t be missed. The indirect heat rendering a succulent, tender meat that would make any smoked meat lover goes weak at the knees.


The sharing platter is good for 4 to 5 persons which comprised chef’s finest picks of 350g Smoked BBQ Ribs, Smoked Brisket, Dry Aged Smoked Mackerel, House Made Sausages, Smoked Chicken Wings, Salmon Jerky, smoked cheese and garlic and herbs flat bread served with Mackerel pate.


The Smoked BBQ Ribs

The smoked beef ribs was embodied in its smoky and moist glory. Encrusted in their special rub blend (included imported European herbs) and flavoured with mangrove wood, the meat is smoky, tender and luscious. Although it was not your fall-off-the-bone type; instead, when you take a gender cut with fork, the meat can be easily pulls away from the bone, definitely the mark of true competition-style ribs.


Smoked Brisket

Marinated with house spice blend and slow cooked for 12 hours in the smoker, the beef brisket was equally tantalizing with well flavoured smoky charred exterior.


Dry Aged Smoked Mackerel

Dry aged for 48 hours and grilled over the charcoal, the optimal juiciness and flavour of the fish are locked within the flesh, resulting an extremely pleasing sensation on each bite.


House Made Sausages

The house made chicken, beef and lamb sausage might not in their most appealing appearance but the taste outdid the look.  The casing doesn’t snap like usual German-influenced sausages. It is smoosh-ably soft, and the right kind of greasy that’s perfectly balanced with the Cajun style meat filling.


Smoked Chicken Wings

Smoked chicken wings were meticulously smoked and grilled to a perfection finish that was succulent and bursting with flavours in every bite.


Salmon Jerky, Garlic and Herbs Flat Bread & Smoked Cheese

Generously slathered with garlic and herbs spread, I asolutely love those fluffy delectable pieces of flat breads! However, the Salmon jerky was a tad too salty for our liking but I think it can be a great beer snack. 


All those smoked meat were served with pickled, house made fruit-based BBQ sauce and Mackerel Pate.


Patrons can experience a sumiyaki bar, where Japanese skewers are cooked in front of you over a charcoal grill. The grilled food is another specialties of Le Pont which featuring charcoal grilled seafood, meat or greens threaded onto bamboo skewers and seasoned with salt or house smoked sauce.


Chicken Roulade (RM14.00/2 skewers) & Chicken and Leek (RM12.00/2 skewers) – with salt


Prawn (RM18.00), Chicken Wings (RM12.00) & Beef Tenderloin (RM22.00) – with house smoked sauce

Of these two versions, I personally prefer the former which is lighter to the palate.


Classic Margherita (RM28.00)

A simple but classic pizza executed with grace and passion. Adorned simply in the colors of the Italian flag: green from basil, white from mozzarella, red from tomato sauce, unquestionably a pizza with classy flavours!


Quattro Formaggi Pizza (RM40.00)

The epitome of what a cheese pizza should be! It is an authentic Neapolitan pizza topped with four types of exquisite Italian cheeses. Le Pont pays tribute to this pizza with their refined rendition of serving it with honey. It may sound to be an odd pairing but tuned out to be a great duo! One gets a lovely hit of savoury from the cheeses complemented by the sweetness of the honey as well as a dash of bitterness of the rockets. 


Verdict: If you are fan of smoked or grilled food, you’re bound to love this place. The food scored up to my expectation, not only their signature smoked meat was good, the rustic wood fire oven pizzas was spot on too. 


Operating hours: 11.00am to 3:00pm & 6.00pm to 1.00am, daily

Website: http://www.lepontboulangerie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LePontSmokeAndGrillBar/


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