Leaf & Bean @ Laman Rimbunan

It was a casual night out with group of friends, we loitering around Laman Rimbunan area and found that so many new cafes mushrooming within especially Taiwanese bubble tea and dessert shops. We settled at one of the bubble tea shop that attracted our attention with the brightest signboard 🙂

Brightly lit cafe with simple tables and chairs facing the ordering counter.


The ordering counter.


Walk further in was 2 sets of comfy sofa, best for a laid back  and relaxed chat aka girly gossip? over here~


Smurf was chillaxing on one of the sofa too, but I think he need a companion 🙂


Some cute figurines on the display shelf, I like the Master Q set the most!


Their beverages menu was startling extensive which include milk tea series, brewed tea series, fruit tea series, fresh milk series, smoothies and coffee.

Signature Milk Tea (Regular ~RM 4.50, Large ~ RM 5.50)


Smoothes Green Tea (RM 5.90)


Mocha Extreme (RM 6.90)


Front: Pearl Milk Tea Special (Regular ~RM 5.50, Large ~ RM 6.50)

Back: Mixed Fruits Green Tea (Regular ~RM 5.50, Large ~ RM 6.50)


Chocolate Pudding Milk (Regular ~RM 6.50, Large ~ RM 7.50)


QQ Coffee Latte ~ Hot  (RM 5.90)


Snack Platter ~ Fried Nuggets (RM 8.90), Fried Hotdog (RM 9.50), Nam Yu Fried Chicken Wings (RM 6.50)


The Nam Yu fried chicken wings definitely a hit among all of us! Well marinated, crispy skin and juicy meat, simply heaven in a bite and everyone fought for the last piece 😛


Nasi Lemak (RM 13.90)


Lamb Pie & Chicken Pie (RM 12.90)

Both pies was too dry for our liking and really need some improvement.


Durian Japanese Cheese Cake (RM 12.90)

The strong smell of this durian cheese cake made Jenn who is “allergic” to durian ran away from the table immediately lol. As a “die hard” fan of durian, I’ll come back solely for this durian cheese cake with real durian flesh!


French Mousse Chocolate Slice (RM 9.90)

The texture was firm with very dense cocoa flavor, definitely won’t disappoint the chocolate lover.


Ice Taro (RM 6.00)


Ice Vanilla Pudding Red Bean (RM 6.00)


Ice Mango De QQ (RM 6.00)

For the shaved ice series, taste wise and the portion was big.


  Leaf & Bean

  102A, Jalan Rimbunan Raya
  Laman Rimbunan
  52100 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-62435113







Leaf and Bean


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