Little Prince Seafood 小王子海鲜@ Fook Kee Food Garden, Taman Sri Sinar, Kepong

A true Foodie would have heard of Buzzfeed’s Worth It. For the uninitiated, “Worth It” is named as the internet’s best food show with combined view of more than 300 million views and more than 2 billion minutes of watch.

The secret to Worth It‘s success is its effortless blend of high and low culinary culture. You may view some of the videos here, here and here where the hosts reviewed everything from fried chicken to wine.

Well, how does Worth It relates to today’s post? As a Malaysian, we are blessed with vibrant food scenes coupled with the famous Malaysian obsession with delicious food. It would not be a surprise to any Malaysian that we can get maximum satisfaction from deliciously inexpensive food. This is where we can get the WORTH IT experience!

I recently stumbled upon a real WORTH IT experience at a hawker centre, of all places, and it is one of the best SEAFOOD experience I had in a long time. Regular seafood connoisseur would have search good seafood at dedicated seafood restaurant, preferably by the river or sea side. However, this particular stall is at a hawker centre at Klang Valley, to be specific, it is at Taman Sri Sinar, Kepong.

Enough talking. Let’s look at the deliciously looking SEAFOOD spread here.


Little Prince Seafood 小王子海鲜 at Fook Kee Food Garden, Taman Sri Sinar, Kepong.


Salted Egg Butter Crab (RM60.00 – 2 crabs)

Bathed in rich and luscious salted egg butter sauce, the crabs although not very big in size but they were fresh, meaty and came with some crab roes. I like the consistency of the butter sauce, creamy but not overly thick with bits of salty egg yolk goodness. There were handful of curry leaves which added fragrance to the sauce.


Fried Mantou (RM0.50/pcs – minimum order 4pcs)

How can we waste the moreish salted egg butter sauce after we done with the crabs? The sauce just compelled us to mop it up with these fried mantou!


‘Nen Nen’ Squid (Small – RM 20.00)

‘Nen Nen’ literally means “milk” in Cantonese, the squid was lightly battered then deep fried, coated with sweet savoury sauce. Where is the ‘milk’, you may ask. Evaporated milk was used to prepare the sauce, it possessed an evocative flavor with pleasing milky nuances. There was subtle hint of curry powder, hence the yellowish hue of the dish. The addiction kicked in once the first piece is savoured and it was indeed struck a chord with us.


Vietnamese Curry Pot (Small – RM25.00)

The claypot seemed to be holding a vast amount of ingredients swimming ferociously in the curry. I could tell the curry is creamy at a glance. Brimming with prawns, clams, squid, fish fillets as well as various of vegetables such as lady’s fingers, eggplants and long beans, the aroma is intoxicating in a very good way! The gravy was thick, creamy with a gentle acidic note. It was utterly scrumptious and I found myself enjoying the curry gravy a lot. Best eat with rice, ladle copious amounts of gravy onto your rice and enjoy the luscious, creamy, spicy and tangy flavors. Price charged was well justified by the amount of seafood given, we had 5 prawns and generous amount of others seafood.


Kam Heong Lala + Cockles (Small – RM25.00) / Kam Heong Lala/Cockles (Small – RM18.00)

Ravishingly addictive with its perfumed aroma distinctive of the curry leaves and piquant sauce, the Lala and cockles were sinfully good. Those sweet briny clams were deliciously stained with a robust spicy and savory Kam Heong sauce. Make sure to lick the clams clean because the sauce is worth every licking!


Apart from the above spicy and strong flavoured dishes, we also order a few non-spicy dishes for the kids.

Dried Shrimps Lala (Small – RM18.00)

Stir fried with a garlicky sauce studded with aromatic dried shrimps and handful chopped spring onion, it showcased the natural sweetness of the Lala clams.


Salted Egg Squid (Small – 20.00)

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with this fried squid lusciously crusted with a sandy orange salted egg yolk sauce? Definitely not me! I enjoyed immensely the aroma of the salted egg yolk emanating from the freshly fried squid, before I knew it, the entire plate was greedily wiped out!


Butter Choy Dam (RM10.00)

Not fond vegetables? This dish can convert you into a vegetables lover. Choy Dam stir fried with butter and generous amount of fried egg bits, the combination was simplistic yet fantastic.


Wide selection of dishes available at Little Prince Seafood, notice the missing of fish dish? Due to the food court policy, no fish dish is served here.


Verdict: My family and I left with almost resonating burps and a few  dishes that evening got much praised from everyone such as the Salted Egg Butter Crabs, Vietnamese Curry Pot, ‘Nen Nen’ Sotong and the Butter Choy Dam. The price is indeed very wallet friendly too! Give this stall a try if you happen to be at this area.


Little Prince Seafood 小王子海鲜

Fook Kee Food Garden, Jalan 18/38D, Taman Sri Sinar, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6012-3838106

Operating Hours: 5.00pm – 12.00am, Thursday to Tuesday (closed on Wednesday)


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