McDonald’s® Family Breakfast Box™

My hubby is an ardent fan of McDonald’s Breakfast, why do I say so?

Because every time we run out of idea where to have breakfast, he will immediately suggest “Let’s go McD!”  Then I will frown & show him my  discontented face >.<

BUT sometimes I will relent and let him have his McD 🙂

McDonald’s® Family Breakfast Box™ A for 2-3 pax ~ RM 19.90

Let’s take a look what’s in the box.


Scrambled Egg, English Muffin with crispy exterior & soft inner texture, Chicken Sausage with wonderful flavor.



Sausage McMuffin with Egg


Hotcakes™ with Syrup, Margarine & Grape Jam.

I love the fluffy Hotcakes™ with plenty of sweet syrup!


Hash Brown x 2

Golden & crispy on the outside, soft & moist on the inside!


Premium Roast Coffee x 2

I don’t drink coffee so no comment 😛

PS: All photo taken by handphone

Is McDonald’s® Breakfast your favorite too?





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