Restaurant Mei Six Hin

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon where my foodie friends and I had late lunch at Mei Six Hin, Prima Sri Gombak, their new outlet after Damansara Perdana. We had a few new creations of Chef Steven that day which will be added into their menu.


Bamboo Treasure Soup 鲜带蟹皇汤

Fresh crab meat & scallop encased in bamboo pith & baby bok choy in chicken superior soup. The chicken soup was light to outshine the sweetness from the precious seafood.


Claypot Braised Fish Head 瓦煲双乳炆鱼头

Served pipping hot ~~

Garoupa fish head braised in thick & flavorsome fermented beancurd (Nam Yu & Fu Yu) broth. There were leek, carrot, white radish, ginger and spring onion in the pot, aroma from the bubbling broth was so enticing and calling me to savor more & more 😛


Braised Ginger Duck 古味姜鸭

Definitely my favorite dish that day as I’m a fans of duck! The duck was braised till fall-off-the-bone soft, drenched in dark and thick gravy coupled with a hint of spiciness from the ginger.


Golden Phoenix 金凤凰

The chicken was meticulously deboned and removed the meat then layered with fish paste on the skin. Undergo a process of steaming and drying before it was deep fried to golden finish. Only a skillful chef  with years of experience manage to do that I would say, thumbs up to Chef  Steven!

Look at the crispy skin on glittering golden hue~


Golden Blossoms 富贵花开

These little ‘crowns” were simply too adorable to the eyes. The combination of enoki mushroom, fish paste and egg crepe had created a unique concoction of textures, crunchiness of the thin  batter, softness of the enoki mushroom and slight chewy from the fish past, all is truly awesome!


Stir Fried Lotus with Almond Flakes 杏香芹藕

This stir fried mixed vegetables of sweet pea, celery, lotus root and wood ear fungus never fail to impress me. The crunchiness from the assorted vegetables still retained and the almond flakes definitely heighten the level of scrumptiousness.


Precious Beancurd 翡翠池塘

Looks can be deceiving, this definitely not the ordinary steamed egg! Beancurd blocks was placed underneath the steamed egg, both were silky smooth and accompanied with savory sauce, chunks of mushroom, sweet pea and prawns.


Verdict: Once again chef Steven surprised us with his adventurous spirits in his culinary skill by creating new dishes time by time.  We enjoyed the meal immensely no matter the old dishes or the new created. Do call for reservation for some dishes to avoid disappointment.



  Restaurant Mei Six Hin

  NO.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
  Prima Sri Gombak,
  68100 Selangor.
  Tel No:+6012-359 3109 (Steven) /
                +6017-279 9927   (Winnie)


Restoran Mei Six Hin


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