Melbourne Trip 2019 ~ Brighton Beach

Warning: A selfie photos overload post ahead, continue to read on your own risk! ┌|゚з゚|┘


Thanks to the distinctive brightly painted bathing boxes, Brighton Beach has become an icon for Melbourne. Brighton Beach or to be exact Dendy Street Beach is lined by the famous colourful beach boxes and with views stretching over towards the cityscape in the distance, it’s certainly one of Melbourne’s most picturesque beaches.


The weather was quite bad that day and I had given up the visit to Brighton Beach, but hubby insisted that we should go, so here we were here. Imagine strolling along the beach with strong and freezing wind, under the weather of 8-10 °C 🥶 Anyway, thank you hubby for his effort to take every single bathing box (approximately 90+ of them I assume) that lining the foreshore at Brighton Beach.


How to get to Brighton Beach: One can take a short 25 minute train from Flinders Street Station (Sandringham Line) and get off at Middle Brighton or Brighton Beach station. From there, it’s a 15-minute walk to the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Alternatively, it’s around a 30-minute drive from the centre of Melbourne or take Uber like what we did.


Built well over a century ago when sea bathers protected their modesty by changing in privacy. The modest wooden-framed structures are all built to the same practical design, with weatherboard sides and corrugated-iron roofs, but have been decorated in highly individual styles and striking colours.

If you’re visiting Brighton Beach during spring or summer, the grassy foreshore provides plenty of recreational opportunities, such as swimming, picnicking, cycling, sunbathing and ball games.

My Eskimo mom, (⌒∇⌒)


Verdict: Without a doubt, Brighton Beach’s vibrant bathing boxes is a can’t miss perfect tourist attraction to visit. Visitors can take plenty of insta-worthy selfie as well as amassing a horde of gorgeous photos to post on social media, like what I did. (b^_^)b


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