Menya Kamikaze @ 1 Mont Kiara

Japanese ramen had created a big hit circa 2 years ago with so many ramen joints mushrooming the F & B scene in Malaysia. However I never step into any ramen restaurant purely because paying RM 20+ for a bowl of noodles definitely out of my budget!

But having a foodie friend like her, that constantly posted photos of food she had tried in social media, I admitted I was captivated~

I’ve made a beeline for Menya Kamikaze located at 1 Mont Kiara when I saw her posted photos of a piece of enticing thick roasted pork she had .


The shop is not big so waiting queue is inevitable especially during peak hours.




For diners seated in front of the counter facing the kitchen can get some kitchen actions by some young and good looking chefs 😛



Some extra seasonings for your food.



Green Tea ~ Cold (RM 2.00++)



Edamame (RM 3.00++)

A must order for Sam whenever this is in the menu, never get bored and I’m stocking some in my fridge too just in case she craves for it.



Pork Soup Ramen *Kamikaze (RM 22.00++)
I was a little caught off guard when it arrived, not expecting it to be such a large portion! Served with 2 pieces of roasted pork, an egg, spring onion, onion, bamboo shoots and seaweed. The broth is pale yellow, cloudy and had quite a thick essence of pork but is not overly salty. Have a sip of the broth, it was robust, flavorful and sticky, this could only resulted from long hours of boiling of primarily pork bones and ingredients.


While the broth was awesome, the roasted pork slices was nothing less than spectacular too! Not only thicker than the other ramen shop, it was achingly tender with wonderful flavors.



The noodles also had the right texture and thickness that managed to absorb the flavors of the soup.



Kaedama Ramen (RM 4.00++)

Extra noodle for Sam but we were belittled the portion of 2 bowls of ramen for both of us and ended up take away almost half bowl of it.



Black Garlic Soup Ramen (RM 26.00++)

A seasonal promotion ramen on our visit.



The blackened soup was garlicky and more pungent compared to the milky pork bone soup. It consisted of standard condiments as above pork soup ramen and equally tantalizing nonetheless.



The perfectly cooked boiled egg with the luscious soft molten egg yolk center.



Verdict:  I think I have developed a crush on my bowl of pork soup ramen here and it definitely worth to splurge a little more for the great quality food!



Menya Kamikaze

Lot 1-2, 1st Floor,1 Mont Kiara
1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603–6211 9499



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