Menya Musashi @ One Utama Shopping Centre

Located in Isetan’s Eat Paradise at One Utama Shopping Centre, Menya Musashi always attract my attention with the staffs’ loud and enthusiastic greeting.  I’ve finally checked this place out recently. 


The restaurant isn’t really big and tables are quite cramped within the dining area. Several paintings of Japanese warriors decorating the walls and I found the Samurai themed lighting very unique and really enhanced the overall ambiance. One can see the chefs, kitchen crews and ushers went about their work with a very energetic way, enthusiastic shouts can be heard from time to time when you dining here (even you are not), it is a lively place nonetheless. LOL


The ramen oriented menu is filled with various type of ramen with different toppings as well as small selection of snacks (Gyoza, Karaage & etc) and rice dishes (salted veggie rice bowl, Mentai rice bowl & etc). For ramen, you get to choose the flavoured oil topping.


Each ramen is indicated with available options of flavoured oil.


Green Tea (Cold/Hot – RM3.00)


Aka Ajitama Ramen (RM25.00)

I opted for Menya Musashi special made chili flavoured oil (Aka) to pair with the Ajitama Ramen which comprised of one piece of roasted pork, Ajitama egg, bamboo shoots, black fungus and handful of spring onion. The broth was robust and flavour with an extremely concentrated and creamy consistency,  indeed a clear proof of long hours pork bone simmering. The flavoured chili oil provided mild heat to the taste bud. The roasted pork was blow torched with slightly charred on meat, not the thickest I’ve tried but it was quite a big slice and meticulously braised to a tender finish, good stuff! The Ajitama egg was well executed with luscious soft molten egg yolk.


The noodle is imported from Japan and it has a smooth al dente texture with slightly chewy bite. I had a satisfying slurping moment when savouring my bowl of ramen.


Kuro Chashu Ramen (RM31.00)

Hubby’s fried shallots and garlic flavoured oil (Kuro) with his option of Chashu Ramen came with three pieces of roasted pork, spring onion, bamboo shoots and black fungus. That layer of black flavoured oil was thankfully not too greasy and it supplied a depth of flavour to the broth. rich and complex in flavour.


Kids Set (RM17.00)

It was a delight when I saw  they offered kid set in the menu and the portion was surprisingly more than sufficient for a kid! (at least for Sam’s appetite :P) The set including a small bowl of ramen, deep fried chicken, potato salad and apple juice.


Comparison between the size of the kid set ramen and the normal portion ramen, not too bad huh. 


The small bowl of ramen (not too small afterall 🙂 ) came with the same essential condiments of the “adult” version such as roasted pork, bamboo shoot, black fungus and spring onion. The broth was “cleaner” but without the flavoured oil topping.


Verdict: I’m glad that we’ve finally tried this Tokyo style ramen and definitely a  contented  ramen experience. We will be back!


Menya Musashi

F101, 2nd Floor, Isetan One Utama Shopping Centre 

Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-7726 5899

Operating hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm, daily



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