Micofz Cafe

We were brought here by Sunny to have dinner at his friend newly opened cafe.

Micofz Cafe, a small  cafe cum bakery located at Plaza Damas


Selling variety of breads, pastries & desserts.


Drinks we had ~


Serina Biscottini Pizza ~ Spicy Mango Chicken (RM 13.80)

I love the brittle & crispy “biscuity” base & the mango gave a refreshing twist to the pizza!


Baked Cheese Rice with Seafood (RM 13.80)

Brimmed with seafood like mussels, prawns, squids & fish but the rice was a tad too dry for our liking 🙁


Black Pepper Seafood Udon (RM 13.80)

It might look like Hokkien Mee but the black pepper provide the extra kick to it! They didn’t skimp on ingredients, look at the fresh prawns & the sizable mussels!


Chicken Chop

This was mediocre but done nicely where the tenderness of the chicken remained.


Beef Meat Balls Pasta (RM 13.80)

The meaty beef meat balls that have firm texture make us fight for them 😛 The tomato base had the right level of sourness which very appetizing indeed!



Beef Bacon Carbonara (RM 13.80)

The creamy sauce was moreish without being too cloying & the beef bacon bites were deletable It had us nodding away in agreement 🙂


Desserts was something you can’t miss here, once we entered the cafe we were attracted by this

Tokyo Blu (RM 9.90)

Really eye-catching huh with the striking blue outlook! Made from sour cream with walnut japonaise and cover with blue orange glaze…


Apple Strudel (RM 7.90)

Cinnamon & apple always the perfect combination!

German Over Bake Cheese (RM 8.90)


Flagola Tart (RM 9.90)


Cheese Tart (RM 2.90)


Chocolate Cream Brulee Tart (RM 8.90)




Pecan Pie (RM 9.90)


Verdict:  Good food with reasonable price especially the pizza & pasta.


  Micofz Cafe
  F-0-1, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
  Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +60017-2759188



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