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I know I have to do something on my hair when I saw the never ending split end and the super dry hair. Introduced by a friend, I paid K Care Shop a visit to get some advises and recommendation of hair products that can save my miserable hair…    ~>_<~


K Care Shop, a hair and beauty chain store that offer professional and quality hair care, body care, comb and brushes, and hair tools & accessories.



I went to their Taman Bukit Maluri outlet and was impressed by the startling array of hair care products, tools, accessories and also some good selection of nail & body care products. The staffs were patiently listened to my hair problems and professionally introduced the suitable products for me. These are the products I brought back home:-


Midori Hair Care


From Left to Right:  Ultimate Repair Nourishing  Shampoo, Miracle Moisture Daily Mask, Miracle Moisture Treatment Essence, Miracle Moisture Restoring Fluid.



Ultimate Repair Nourishing  Shampoo ~ 300ml (RM 48.00)

Manufactured in Malaysia using formulation from Japan, this shampoo is designed to nourish, strengthen and restore damaged, weak and vulnerable hair. The key ingredients that help to repair the damaged hair are Vitamin E & Wheat Protein.  It is “Colour Safe” which will not weaken or change colour-treated hair.



Miracle Moisture Daily Mask ~ 300ml (RM 60.00)

This product prevents damage from ultraviolet rays and pollutants. Providing a moisturizing effect on the hair. Keeps hair elastic and gives a soothing effect on the scalp with no discoloration to dyed hair. I’m using this everyday as hair conditioner after shampooing.

Verdict: I have smooth and easy to comb hair after using this product, love it!



Miracle Moisture Treatment Essence ~ 120ml (RM 75.00)


This products restores hair’s softness, assist with comb-ability and impart intense shine. It also restores hairs natural pH balance. Intense humectants bind within the cortex, drenching hair with extremely high levels of moisture for increased flexibility. Shake before the application to shampooed and towel dried hair or fully dried hair. Spray evenly though damp hair.

Verdict:  My hair is less frizzy and more managetable after fully dried.



Miracle Moisture Restoring Fluid ~ 120ml (RM 75.00)

After the Miracle Moisture Treatment Essence, I use this Midori Miracle Moisture Restoring Fluid which help to smoothes the cuticle and reduces frizz and flyaways and provides protection against environmental and heat damage while restoring moisture and balance to the hair. Humectants fight humidity to create a smooth finish throughout the day. One of the key ingredient of this product is Vitamin E which provides protection against damaging UV rays and to strengthen your hair and protect the hair style against humidity. 

Verdict: It really help to “tame” my frizzy hair and give a smooth and shining finish.



This is my hair condition before start using Midori Hair Care ~ dull, frizzy, a lot of split ends and sometimes has really bad tangling.





After using Midori Hair Care for more than 1 month, my hair’s condition has improved quite a lot. My hair has become easier to manage, no more tangling and it looks shining and healthy.

Verdict: Overall I’m very satisfied with the result any it was indeed a good investment for a healthier hair. If you have any inquiry about your hair problem, do walk in to get consultant from the K Care shop’s staff and I believe they are more than willing to give you the best resolution.


K Care Shop

Website: www.kcareshop.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kcareshop


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