MIGF 2012 @ Lai Po Heen & Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

It’s October and that means it is the time of the year again to greet MIGF (Malaysian International Gourmet Festival), the most awaited festival for food lovers. Joining forces with the others restaurants, Lai Po Heen and Mandarin Grill of Mandarin Oriental Hotel are set to bring new flavors and dining experiences to the city’s food connoisseurs.



Photo courtesy from Chasing Food Dreams

The maestro of the 2012 MIGF menu Chef Ricky Thein, with 20 years of experience under his belt is no stranger to the culinary scene and e as also a Gold Medalist recipient in the 5th World Golden Chef Competition for Chinese Cuisine in 2005.


Interior o Lai Po Heen

Lai Po Heen MIGF Festival Menu 2012
湖 南 冰 鎮 鮑 魚
*“Hunan” Ice chilled whole baby abalone


*Double boiled Kung fu soup


三 重 片 皮 雞
*Trio of corn fed chicken
橘 子 雪 葩
Mandarin orange sorbet
碧 绿 米 湯 蒸 龍 斑 卷
*Steamed dragon grouper roll
海 皇 珍 珠 籠 仔 飯
*Sun dried scallops glutinous rice
文 华 精 选 甜 点
*Sweet sensation
Festival Dinner Menu RM288++ per person
*Festival Lunch Menu RM228++ per person (five courses with Steamed Dragon Grouper Roll)
*Festival Lunch Menu RM198++ per person (five courses with Trio of Chicken)
Let’s have a sneak preview of the dishes in the menu.

‘Hunan’ Iced Chilled Whole Baby Abalone

Need no further explanation here for the WOW factor of this dish, the stunning whole baby abalone sitting on bed of  fruit salsa of kiwi, tomato, avocado and pomelo and crowned with briny black caviar. The refreshing and tangy flavor of the fruit salsa in spicy sesame sauce really enhanced the natural taste of the abalone, taste of the sea to be precise.


Double Boiled ‘Kung Fu’ Soup

Treasure in a  cup ~ Dried scallop with fish paste, sea cucumber, fresh fish maw, Cordycep flowers, Morel mushroom, American Ginseng and baby cabbage.


It was a satisfying soup, the essence of the premium ingredients encapsulated in the clear broth; very soothing and nourishing indeed.


Check out the cute Dried scallop with fish paste, thumbs up to the chef’s effort to look into the detail of his creation seriously!


Trio of Corn Fed Chicken

Wok seared Szechuan pepper spiced chicken is topped with a medley of mushroom and corn then crowned with crispy skin.


Mandarin Orange Sorbet

Visually attractive palate cleanser served with watermelon ceviche.


Steamed Dragon Grouper Roll

Dragon grouper is rolled up with Hong Kong Kai Lan and served with superior rice wine sauce.


Sun Dried Scallops Glutinous Rice

Definitely not your usual lotus leaf glutinous rice with an interesting twist of  using spinach as a substitute  for lotus leaf made the whole ensemble piece is edible. This was not the only surprise but another greater one waiting for us as we digging into the fluffy rice~ a whole huge Hokkaido scallop! I enjoyed immensely like everyone at the dinner, purely satisfactory~


Sweet Sensation

Peanut coated butter milk cubic, green tea sauce and passion fruit infused coconut pudding



  Lai Po Heen
  1st Floor, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
  P.O. Box 10950
  50088 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-21798885
  Email: mokul-fb@mohg.com
 Website: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/





After the scrumptious Chinese cuisine we proceed to our next MIGF menu tasting at Mandarin Grill for its contemporary modern grill cuisine led by Chef Reto Weber!

Being my first visit I was truly impressed by the interior of the restaurant. Features a retro and fashionable décor within an ambiance of sheer comfort and gorgeous surrounding.

The chandelier that emitting pleasant soft lighting that set the right mood for the evening.


Mandarin Grill MIGF Festival Menu 2012

Coral Dusted Bretagne Scallop
Rabbit Loin “Perigord”
Doversole Fillet
Duck Leg Confit ”A La Orange”


Williams Pear
 *Main Course 
Halibut Fillet ”Winemaker Style”
Pure Black Angus Tenderloin “Saliou”
White & Orange
Chestnut Honey Sentenced Reblochon
 Selection Of Premium Coffees And Teas
MIGF Petit Fours
Full Festival Menu RM345++ per person
*Festival Lunch Menu RM195 per person (three courses); RM165 per person (two courses)

Freshly-baked buns to kick started our “2nd” dinner. 😛


We were seated at one of the “small room” with more privacy and the elegant fiber optic chandelier was here too *admiring*


Musar Jeune Rouge 2009


2011 Pinot Noir from Fire Road


Rabbit Loin “Perigord”

Rabbit loin served with truffle jus and served and side of lamb lettuce salad with cep mushroom.


Doversole Fillet

Stuffed Doversole lay on a bed of sautéed baby spinach then accompanied by Salsify and Grenobloise sauce.


Duck Leg Confit ‘A La Orange’
The duck leg confit was moist and the crispy skin was delectable, laying on tangy braised apple and red cabbage helps to balance out the richness of its partner. I love the accompanied soft potato dumplings and apple balls which gave the dish a multitude of flavors and textures.

Halibut Fillet ‘Winemaker Style’
Most probably my least enjoyed dish of that night, the halibut had mild natural “fishy” taste for me but luckily the sourness of Champagne Choucroute (French version of sauerkraut) compensated the overall taste. And again fruit was used to add more fruity twist to the dish; the caramelized grape and Pomme Chateaux paired with the fish.

Pure Black Angus Tenderloin ‘Sailou’
Grilled Black Angus beef served with smoked celery puree and side of seared cubes of Foie Gras, brussel sprouts, pearl onions, greens dressed in a rich bourguignon sauce.



White & Orange

The dessert looks simple but somehow scream for attention. The layers of White Sacher sponge and the Bourbon Vanilla Bavarois and another orange custard contrasted each very well, certainly a light dessert who prefer something not too sweet.

Sacher sponge and the Bourbon Vanilla Bavarois

Orange Custard


Petit Fours

A sweet conclusion to a splendid meal, we had Petit Fours that comprises of Calamansi Sorbet, Hazelut Lollipop, Pistachio Macaron, Financier and Raspberry Truffle.


Meet the young and talented Chef Reto Weber.



  Lobby Level, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
  P.O. Box 10950
  50088 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-2179 8885

  Website: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/


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