Mooncake ~ West Lake Garden

I really feel lucky when I received invitation from Sid to have a hands-on experience in mooncake making at West Lake Garden at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

Master Chef Wu Chee Keong be our “sifu” that day 🙂

The green tea snow skin and the milk tea & mocha filling.

Shall we start now?

1. Roll the snow skin dough in round shape.
2. Slightly press the ball shape dough.

Flattening the skin.

1. Make a hole in the milk tea filling
2. Then place the mocha filling into it.
3. Combine both filling & roll into ball shape.

1. & 2. Wrapped the filling with the fattening skin.
3. Roll into long oval shape.

1. Placing the mooncake into mold. Make sure you dust some flour into the mold to avoid the mooncake stick in the mold.
2. Pressing the mooncake.
3. Ta ta….beautiful mooncake released from the mold by giving the mold a few knocks on both sides.

Chef Wu was guiding Sunny.

Shuang Wei mooncakes comprising 10 flavors made from a recipe that is carefully-guarded. Available from 12 July to 12 September 2011, West Lake Garden is pleased to introduce an exciting series of Shuang Wei mooncakes.

6 types of Golden Baked Mooncakes

(NEW) Golden Baked Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Salted Dried Shrimp低糖白莲蓉森巴金勾 (RM 23.00 /pcs)
Definitely a novelty combination & surprisingly taste great indeed! The sweetness of the lotus seed paste is cleverly partnered with the dried shrimp which has distinct taste & subtly pungent. We all enjoy the spicy kick!

(NEW) Low Sugar White Lotus with Black Sesame and Custard Paste 雪皮黑芝麻奶黄
(RM 23.00 / pcs)
Don’t fool by its skin, this is not snow skin mooncake. The skin was made from almond with fine concoction of unique taste, accentuated by the fragrance of black sesame that graciously complements the lotus seed and custard.

Low Sugar Jade Custard Paste 低糖翡翠奶黄 (RM 22.00 / pcs)
All Shuang Wei mooncakes contain no egg yolk & the custard is the healthier alternative to replace it.

Assorted Organic Nuts 金凤凰 (RM23.00 / pcs)
Filled with wholesome variety of nuts, I enjoyed munching it slowly to taste the crunchy texture of different nuts. I know many elderly love this include my mom, I think I should by this for her 🙂

Low Sugar Red Bean Paste 低糖纯豆沙 (RM 20.00 / pcs)

Low Sugar White Lotus Paste 低糖白莲蓉 (RM 21.00 / pcs)
For the traditional variety, West Lake Garden creates low-in sugar mooncakes without compromising their delicate taste and traditional ingredients. These two red bean paste & white lotus paste mooncakes remain the perennial favorites for the conventional-at-hearts.

4 types of Snow Skin Mooncakes

(NEW) Low Sugar White Lotus & Red Date Paste 冰皮低糖白莲蓉贡枣 (RM 21.00 / pcs)
The white lotus paste pairing well with the subtle sweet aroma of the red dates, leaving a lingering sweet sensation on our palate.

Chocolate Whisky Paste 冰皮巧克力威士忌 (RM 23.00 / pcs) *Contains Alcohol*
This had all of us nodding away in agreement. The velvety of the exterior encircles the sweet caramel notes of the chocolate-whisky combination, to make it truly devouring. I’m not a alcohol person, the whisky taste which was not too overwhelming definitely fine for me 🙂

(NEW) Low Sugar Sesame with Pistachio Paste 冰皮低糖芝麻开心果 (RM 23.00 / pcs)
*Contains Alcohol*
A snow skin layer encloses the thick, tar-black puree of pure roasted black sesame, adding a nutty and delicate zing to the rich, superior taste of pistachio.

(NEW) Green Tea Snow Skin with Royal Milk Tea and Mocha Paste 冰皮皇室奶茶摩卡
(RM 21.00 / pcs)
Strikes a perfect balance between the fragrant taste of green tea as well as milk tea, with a hint of mocha flavor.

Chinese tea definitely a good companion when enjoying the mooncakes…

Chef Chan Choo Kean & Chef Wu Chee Keong posing with the spread of mooncakes ^_*

Before the mooncake making & tasting session, we were served with simple dinner.

Braised Scallop with Crab Meat in Sweet Corn Broth drizzled with Truffle Oil
Laden bountifully with dried scallop, crab meat & sweet corn, make every spoonful a treasure.

Crispy Ginger Steamed Coad Fish
Flaky cod fish steamed with supreme soy sauce topped with crispy fried ginger, mushroom & red date. Simple cooking method bringing out the natural sweetness of the fish….

Crispy Noodle with Tiger Prawn
The sizable tiger prawn was fresh & bouncy. Soaked the crunchy fried noodle into the gravy full with prawn essence, it’s just awesomely delectable.

Spacious dining hall.

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya,Selangor D.E.

Tel: 03-74951888

Business Hour: Mon ~ Sat: 12.00pm – 2.30pm (Lunch)
Sun & Public Holiday: 10.00am – 2.30pm
Mon ~ Sun: 6.30pm – 1030pm (Dinner)
Pork Free
For mooncake order

Tel: 03-74951421

Take away is available from 11.00am to 9.30pm daily at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant from 12 July to 12 September 2011. Prices are subject to prevailing Government Tax (take away only) plus 10% service charge (dine in).

As a corporate gift, select from West Lake Garden’s Secret Treasure Gift Set or Timeless Classic Gift Set at a mere RM98.00 nett for four selected flavors of mooncakes respectively. For large quantity order of 100 boxes and above,logo customization on the mooncake box is allowed. Orders for corporate package must be placed from now until 12 August 2011.


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