Mr. Bean

Lately I have passed-by haircut place in a mall in PJ. It has a TV turned on but not facing the client but rather to the passing shoppers outside the shop. Guess what’s on..

It’s Mr Bean!!

And it brought back my childhood memories of waiting for TV3 (no YouTube at that time) to air the weekly shows of Mr Bean. One thing for sure is that it will be a non-stop laughing half an hour J

This particular haircut shop is showing an episode on Mr Bean’s adventure with a baby that he has “accidentally” kidnapped while on a way to a funfair.  Did I mention that this baby is extremely cute?

Watch the clip !

What intrigue me is this is the very first time I saw the game “Bingo”. Apparently it is a very famous game in United Kingdom as well as United States.  Strangely this very “aunty” game is an US$1 billion industry.

No wonder Mr Bean would rather swallow a goldfish to win the “Bingo” game.




Of course he spitted it out and the goldfish end up with a partner in its “natural habitat”.


If you want to try your luck to strike it at Bingo minus swallowing the goldfish, you can consider one of UK’s top online bingo site, FoxyBingo. They are offering a rather generous 200% welcome bonus by giving a free £20 when you deposit just £10. It even has a community that you can chat among the members while enjoying a game of bingo. Who knows that you might meet Mr Bean there…

However, do remember to play within your means. Good luck!!


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