>Murni Discovery

>Question: If you encountered some bad experiences at one particular restaurant, will you go back again?

For me, I definitely won’t go back again but their food always lure me back.

Hint: This restaurant is so popular that it’s always full house everyday + their tables spread on almost a whole row of shoplots. If you ask people around SS2 area, almost everybody will know the place.

However my bad experiences extended to their newest branch @ Sunway Mas.

Their latest branch with more comfortable table & chairs.

Many many ceiling fans, a few air-conditioner to ensure your comfortable against Msian hot weather.
PS: I’m freezing that day as I sat under the fan on a rainy night….

Printed menu with very extensive choices from western to local cuisines, be prepare to scratch head when you think what to eat 🙂

BUT~~~~~ Service level sucks; one of our food didnt even come after 30 mins.
Sunway Mas is totally under-staffed !!!!

Ribena Longan (RM 4.00)

Orange Special (RM5.00)
With Longan, Nata-de-coco & watermelon cubes

Roti Jepun (RM 3.50)
Sweet~~~ made from condensed milk, butter & cheese

Roti Hawaiian (RM 5.00)
Laden with ingredients like sausage, chicken meat, pineapple & spread of mayonnaise.

Chicken Napoleon (RM 12.00)
Deep fried chicken breast with bread crumbs wrapped inside were ham, sausage & cheese. Slightly burnt outer layer tasted a bit bitter 🙁

Verdict: The food was so-so only but I will come back to try others food & hope their service improves on my second visit~~

Murni Discovery

Sunway Mas Commercial Centre


  • >Incredible in this time of "econo-crisis" that some institutions are STILL expanding, well done Murni 🙂

    Yes, the legend (oops, pun intended about the name of the next door DVD shop in SS2!) that is Murni … is expanding!!

  • >long time no visit this place
    i miss their nan and nasi lemak

  • >I haven't gone to the SS2 branch for quite some time already. It's always so crowded, and damn hard to get their attention.

  • >Must be good and price is value for money! I dislike crowded places but then there is a reason esp if it is a restaurant.

  • >wah murni got franchise called discovery?! its been so long since i last went to murni coz it is always always crowded!!! i had to wait like 30 mins for my food which usually annoys me alot..esp when im hungry 😛

  • >wau, now murni got franchise ady!!

    used to b murni "kaki" few yrs back.. cheap food, but really bad service ><

    but really miss the food ter..

  • >I found the food at Murni is so so only, but just wonder why their business is so good.

  • >Actually how bad is the service?

  • >Yes, tht Murni in SS2, I NEVER udrstd why anyone would go there!
    Food is all processed stuffs thrown toge; cheap sausages, loads of mayo for taste.
    So many other mamak in PJ somemore & prices are more or less the same isnt?

  • >The new branch have a nicer & cleaner environment

  • >我上次去也是人潮满满,过后朋友告诉我那里很不卫生,不过看来现在比较好一点了。

  • >Happy New Year to you babe~~

  • kampungboycitygal

    >wow theres a murni at sunway mas? near 2 my place

  • >You are fast 🙂 The original stall at SS2 is a bit too crowded and dirty lol (in fact it's VERY crowded and dirty) so this would be a good alternative. Nearer to me too

  • >Wow, it’s looking amazing, good product!! You can find more designer Dining Chairs here…..

  • >those roti-roti look so nice and yummy.

  • >I tried DIY longan ribena .. but it is not good leh…

  • >now they got restaurant like this liao ah..
    I went to SS2 branch only.

  • >julian: Cause the food are affordable, maybe this will make it have more business at this enono-crisis~~

    sock peng: Both food I also never try, will revisit them soon 🙂

    bangsar-babe: True, I hate to go there also =.="

    worldwindow: crowded & hard to get a table, hate it!!!

    xin: won't go to ss2 no matter how, waste time only.

    hippo: haha, although service bad u still 1 2 go back ar ? 😛

  • >sonia: I want the answer for ur question too…. ^.^

    little inbox: food never come,long waiting for billing.

    thenomadgourmand: maybe there have more choices if compare with other mamak?

    shell: hope they can maintain the cleanness of the place, haha XD

    xiang ying: ss2 u mentioned?

    kampungboycitygal: Yeah, just open not long ago~~

  • >beverly: Happy 2010 to u too!!!

    vkeong: want to share it cause i know no many ppl know abt this place 😛

    allenooi: taste ok only not very outstanding 😛

    simple person: I thought it just Ribena + canned longan?

    jean: U can try this branch, more easy to get seat…

  • >Murni DISCOVERY?! Wat a name. Hope they wont become another Steven's Tea Garden … 😉

    Happy New Year. Pity bout that blackout buffet.

  • >after hearing about the good food served at murni, we were decided there for lunch yesterday. it turned out to be a nightmare. the grilled double chicken with cheese looks more like deep fried as opposed to grilled and the fries that come with it is over fried and it's hard. there is an unpleasant smell from the chicken too. i had to order another dish i.e. fried meehoon, that also turned out to be aweful because it is too sweet. the "yin yong" was so so. the waiter recommended "bright eyes" supposed to be the best, he obviously got it all wrong.

  • >j2kfm: Steven Tea Garden? Haha, I think it won't, never heard they sell the "share" 😛

    anonymous: Feel sorry to heard abt ur not so good experience there~~

  • >to anonymous

    which branch did u went to? the ss2 or murni discovery?

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