My First Eyelash Extension Experience!


My short and thin eyelashes always one of my “pain”, they look so miserable and I have to spend a bit of time everyday putting on mascara layer by layer to make my eyelashes more noticeable.  So when I saw a deal on group buy website on Korean Eyelash Extensions with RM 38.00 only, without think twice I bough it!



I redeem my eyelashes extension treatment two month ago at Beaubelle (White Feather Spa & Beauty Salon), Solaris.



The interior~ They provide manicure/pedicure service too.



I was usher to one of the room equipped with 2 facial beds.

Photo credit to Groupon


The Process

Before the treatment started, the esthetician show me two types of eyelashes which are normal & silk in different lengths. Normal lashes were used for my deal but I can also opt for silk eyelashes with some extra charges. The esthetician explained the pros and cons of each type of eyelashes and recommended the best length for my eyes.

After choosing the eyelashes, I was asked to lay down with eyes closed then the the esthetician taped my bottom lashes so that the glue wouldn’t stick to them. The extension was glued to my original eyelashes with special adhesive which has a mild odour. The whole process took about 1.5 to 2 hours depends of the amount eyelashes.


Side view after the eyelash extension, pretty nice huh.. 🙂



After eyelash extension without eye makeup, quite awkward and dramatic I would say 😛



With makeup, I like how the extension make my eyes bigger and I can skip the mascara part!



Closer look of my eyelash extension.



Pros: The result was satisfying; my eyes looked amazing and I didn’t need any mascara. The best part was waking up in the morning and I looked refreshed and awake thanks to my lashes!!

Cons: It was a little bit not used to it and feel the weight on my eye on the first few hours. I was advised not to get them wet for the next 24 hours after the extension and was suggested that not touching them directly when your cleansing routine even after that first 24 hour period to maintain the extensions.

No matter how careful you are, it’s highly likely that you’ll lose a few of your own in the end. The  lashes are glued to your real ones, so if they snag and come off the hard way, some of yours might go with them too. >.<///


PS: This is not my eye 😛

This will happen when the extensions started to fall off… but not evenly, this can leave you with like six long lashes randomly placed in a sea of short natural lashes =.=” At this point, you can either get them filled, or you can do what I’m doing which is trying every which way to get them off!


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