MYCHAMPION ~ Mobile Application by CHAMPS

Smartphone and tablet.

Kids nowadays handle it like a duck to water. While we as adult do sometimes are mesmerized and glued to it but we do have the ability to do some self-restraint *ahem

The worry we have over kids is that they lack these self-restraint. I believe the best way is combine their natural ability to understand new technology with educational and productive applications.

I was at the launching of MYCHAMPION, Malaysia’s first localized children educational mobile application at MBO Cinema @ The Starling Mall 3 days ago. Proudly brought to you by CHAMPS, Malaysia’s household well known child health supplement brand, in line with the Ministry of Education Malaysia’s vision, which is to uphold quality education system that develops individuals to their full potential and fulfills the aspirations of the nation. Team up with Watsons Malaysia, the largest healthy and beauty care chain store in Asia as retail partner for this program, CHAMPS is privileged to run some exclusive campaigns while rewarding Watson’s member’s via digital platform and nationwide stores.


Joining us that day were students and teachers from SK Kampung Jawa, Watson’s management team, CCM members (manufacturer of CHAMPS) and media representatives.


MYCHAMPION is specially designed for children between 6 to 12 years old and available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. It is also completely free for download in Apple Store and Google Play.


Let’s have a look on how MYCHAMPION works!

MYCHAMPION is a fun learning, interactive and educational application that consists of 5 professions which are Doctor, Athlete, Celebrity, Pilot and Chef. The children get the chance to explore and learn about the different occupations in 5 various scopes. Children can understand and explore their ambition through the application. Apart from this, parents and teachers are encouraged to explore the application with the children because this can help the young children to understand their strength in order to achieve their ambition.


Choose one occupation from the 5 options above and Sam was intrigued to check out what’s about life of a celebrity!


It starts with General Knowledge, Music, Entertainment, Fashion and lastly Image & Grooming.


The content is designed with a series of interesting and mind triggering questions to engage the children and help them to learn beyond the school’s curriculum. To be honest, some of the questions are quite tough and tricky, even an adult like me couldn’t get the correct answer! *slap forehead


Every question is followed by the ‘Did You Know’ section which  provides fun facts to help improve children’s understanding of each profession too. I’m glad that I can gain knowledge together with my little one.


After we finished all the 5 stages of that particular profession, we submitted our score to claim the ‘Reward’. The ‘Reward’ is given in terms of e-voucher and a voucher code will be given.


The ‘Reward’ you earned can use at Watsons online store (, just key in the e-voucher code during the payment procedure and voila! The little one can have fun and gain knowledge while the parents can save money on the vitamins purchase, a win-win situation!




  • Ya, it’ll be interesting to see whether kids of today will become adults who’ll be even more addicted to their devices than we are! Technology can be a scary thing 🙂

  • The kids of today’s generations learn very fast. Thanks to all the gadgets and apps for better learning environment. I have seen friend’s children who glued to the games on smartphones & tablets daily from 2-3 years old and wore glasses at very young. My friends blamed the kids and not themselves.

    • TM, my girl is wearing glasses now and she’s only 8 (actually start wearing since last year ~>_<~) I never blame her because I know it's adult's fault and the person I blame is my always-say-yes husband which always want to be good person when I restricted my girl to use too much tablet by secretly let her play with the gadget. But now since she's in primary school, I only allow her to use tablet on weekends.

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