myPizzaLab @ Seapark, P.J

It was my usual birthday gathering with my gang at myPizzaLab a few months ago and it was a rather pleasant experience, in terms of food and service. Since their pizzas are available on food delivery platforms and for take away, why not I just share about the food and let you guys judge yourselves if the food are persuasively worth ordering.


The isn’t really big dining area, where the open kitchen and the ordering counter occupied half of the space. Their sister restaurant – myBurgerLab is located just right beside and diners can actually order from both menu when dining in, just like what we did 😛


Sloppy Fries

Fat pipping hot fries with tangy tomato meat sauce I that we ordered from myBurgerLab. Since the beverages from My Boba Lab is not ready for ordering yet, we got our drinks order from myBurgerLab as well.


The menu of My Boba Lab, if you curious.


Huat The Duck (10 inch – RM35.00 & RM18.00 – 7 inch)

The pizza was rustic with nicely scorches edges, doughy on the side with thin textured on the middle. Topped generously with smoked duck slices, gouda, onion jam and torched mandarin oranges. The saltiness of the smoked duck and cheese and the sweetness from the fruit and onion jam blended together in perfect harmony!


Popeye The Sailorman (10 inch – RM30.00)

A gooey pleasure to devour with utterly sinful and bold cheesy flavour. The combination of creamed spinach, blue cheese, mozzarella, pepper mayo, minced garlic and onion jam was luscious and definitely won’t disappoint the cheese lovers.


Mary’s Lamb (10 inch – RM35.00 & RM18.00 – 7 inch)

Also topped with melted gouda, minced garlic, onion jam and some roasted cherry tomatoes, I really hopping for more sweet braised lamb as it was flavourful with tasty sweet endnote.


Cempedak Boba Pizza (10 inch – RM25.00)

If you like the distinctive taste and smell of Cempedak, I have no hestitation in recommeding this dessert pizza! Topped with luscious melted mozzarella, rich and creamy Cempedak puree and plentiful of Boba pearls. This is super awesome. Order or regret! 


Verdict: It was a satisfying “pizza part” and the the pizzas we tried were great tasting, with copious toppings. The service was attentive and warm. 



No.12, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +6014-238 6646

Operating hours: 10.00am to 2.45pm & 5.00pm to 7.00pm, daily



Note: Only take-away available from 18 March – 10 May. Further details please refer to their website.


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