>New York New York

>I’m really not in mood to blog because Sam‘s flu & cough virus had been passed to me & now I’m “fishing” aka sleepy now~~ zzzZZZ~~ *yawn*yawn*

Just a short post for my visit to New York New York @ 1 Utama before Chinese New Year. Initially we (hubby, Sam & I) want to visit Sushi Zanmai but the queue was horrible so we opted to settle our lunch here.

Shelves full of sauces & pasta but don’t know they are for sale or just as decoration?

“The Little Black Book” aka The Menu

Plain Water with tiny Lemon cut

Root Beer Float (RM 7.90)
I still prefer A & W Root Beer Float 😛

New Yorker (RM 12.90)
There are 3 choices of bread : White, Whole Wheat & Focaccia enveloped with Honey Baked Chicken Ham (I didn’t feel any baking taste =.=”), Sauteed Onion, Grilled Vegetables & Honey Mustard Sauce. Taste quite bland actually 🙁

Big Big Breakfast (RM 18.90)
Which didn’t big enough for me , hehe 🙂

Consisted 4 chicken cocktail sausages, Chicken Ham, Chicken Bacon, Scrambled Egg, Sauteed Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, Pancakes & SOME FRESH Romaine Lettuce. It can filled your stomach really full because of this~~

2 peices of THICK pancake!!! =. =”

New York New York

LG 311, 1 Utama
(New Wing)

Tel: 03-77279400


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