>New Zealand Natural

>Well, pregnant lady & ice-cream doesn’t match (at least according to Chinese taboo)..
So, I admit I’m not 100% following what a pregnant lady should eat ~~~ BUT~~~ who can resist these treats especially these few hot “burning” days?

Cooling ice-cream~~ Soothes your body. soul & mind against the hot hot sun!!!

Large Ice Cream – RM 14.90
Junior Ice Cream – RM 6.90
Recommended flavor – Chocolate Ecstasy ~Rich chocolate fudge, swirled through their famous chocolate ice cream.

New Zealand Natural


  • thenomadGourmand

    >oh u went to the desa parkcity one?? u know abt the promo right? each week NZN will feature a birthday yr, if its ur birthday yr for taht week u get a free scoop! for the whole week, so u can claim everyday! hahaha..this week is mine yr – 81. too bad so far, else can meet up w u and i can claim one 50% off for any guests i bring. quickly go find ur frens who r borned in ’81!! ahh got TnC one..its only 1st 50 customers and only frm 5-7pm

  • >I didnt know you are carrying. Congrads!!!

  • >yummy yummy
    i like ice cream

  • >hehehe…let me guess. u had it at waterfront desa parkcity? ;D i tar pau-ed a tub of green tea ice cream from there before. ;D

  • >I remember there’s a branch in MidValley, am I correct? Wanted to try their ice-cream but didn’t know why always ended up having something else. Next time gotta make sure I have them!

  • >yum! right now i feel like an ice cream in this freezing air con. gosh. i think they have a flavor called lime and lemon right? or is it BR? but thts my fav <3

  • ~Christine~Leng

    >sorry mimi. I didn’t know u are an expecting mommy! Congrats I should say 🙂
    and…. don’t eat too much ice cream k? once in a blue moon for u ok. Not too often. Know it’s hard to resist temptation sometimes, plus the hot weather in M’sia is unbearable ;P

    Think I’ll melt when i get back! lol

  • >Was hoping you’ll alert me of special promo. Only got tempted by colourful delights. Droolz.

    Btw, congrats.

  • >Better dun take so much icy food,really no good for a pregnant lady.

  • >thenomadgourmand: Yea, i had this from the promotion 🙂

    teckiee: Thanks my dear ~~

    sock peng: Me too 🙂

    nic: Bingo!! That's the nearest outlet mah, hehe 😛

    sugar bean: We have toooo many choices out there… ^.^

    xin: lime & lemon, hmm…mouth watering ler…

    christine: thanks for understanding, I will control my tempting *sob*sob*

    tummythoz: This time is my hubby's year, donno when is my turn? *grinning*

    man: yes, Sir!!!

  • >My son’s favourite. I am surprise at his willingness to spend on NZN. I can’t distinguish the difference in quality of various ice-creams!

  • >Very hard to resist looking at the colorful ice-cream!

  • >lol.. if you are pregnant, you can eat anything (healthy) ur body craves!

  • >Preggie woman can eat anything. If you’re not superstitious. So dig in eh ….

  • 孤傲的王子

    >wow!! look delicious!!

  • backStreetGluttons

    >Nowsdays got no more taboo , so drink and be merry otherwise the hot weather will steam you up !

  • >worldwindows: I think the good quality ice-cream have smoother texture?

    little inbox: Had hard time to choose too 😛

    cumi & ciki: Just not too "overdose" right? ^.^

    timothy: eh… Some taboo I'll choose to follow lor~~ 😛

    孤傲的王子: Indeed~~

    backstreetgluttons: Only can have it once in a while lah!!! *with excuse of course* HAHA XD

  • >i love those flavours with fruits! ^_^

  • >My close friend’s husband and the family own the franchise here in Jakarta. I hardly eat their ice cream though, hehehe…

  • >You’re pregnant? Congrats.

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