Night Market Style Seafood Dining @ Fisherman’s Cove, Starhill Gallery

I was recently back to Fisherman’s Cove at Starhill Gallery for its latest promotion of Night Market Style Seafood Dining. Starting November 2014, Fisherman’s Cove will be hosting its very own Night Market every Friday, from 6pm onwards, with a traditional village-inspired dining experience.



As soon as we arrived at the entrance of the signature rustic boathouse, we were greeted with a refreshing beach-inspired welcome drink.


Renowned for the sumptuous seafood selection, one can really expect nothing but the freshest catch of the day displayed beautifully on the ice in glass tanks.  Unlike other dining experiences, guests can establish the quantity of seafood they would like to consume for the night. Pricing for each dish will be based on the quantity of food selected. A staff will be on hand to weigh the seafood immediately, allowing the guests to make quantity adjustments as seen necessary.



Fresh sea treasures with clear price tags.

Besides choosing from the chilled glass display, guests can also select their preferred seafood from the fish tanks at Fisherman’s Cove, indicating the freshness of the seafood Fisherman’s Cove is famous for.



Organic Romaine Lettuce ‘” Caesar Style ” with Smoked Duck Breast

The veggies were crisp paired with delicately thin & desirably creamy flakes of rich-tasting cheddar. A ideal starter to whet the appetite for more!



Deep Fried Calamari with Sweet Turnip & Mint Salad

The deep fried squid ring in golden hue were crunchy and not greasy at all.  It’s apparently a crowd-pleaser which we polished off  in a jiffy and literally fought for the last piece *wink*



Pan Fried Red Snapper Fillet with Pipi Clam & Lemon Butter Sauce

The flavor of the lemon butter sauce was light and showcased the sweet fish fillet thoroughly. The fish was well prepared with crispy skin and firm and flaky flesh but he taste was a little subdued to impress me.



Crispy Threadfin Fillet with Coriander Chilli Lime Sauce

Another fish dish paired with different sauce. The texture of Threadfin was softer if compare with the previous Red Snapper, the coriander chilli lime sauce was dense with some cherry tomatoes thrown in for that extra appetizing sourish tang.



Spicy Nyonya Steamed Sea Garoupa Fillet


Sitting gloriously on bed of mixed vegetables, the sweetness of  the sea garoupa was further enhanced by the dominant sour and spicy Nyonya sauce.



Kam Heong Tiger Prawn

Robust in flavors and heavenly scented with dried shrimps, curry leaves, garlic, chilli and spring onions, one will definitely find it tough to stop at one!



Sizzling Salt Water Jumbo Tiger Prawn with Garlic Butter

The seasoning was minimal and I can barely tasted the garlic butter, the only flavor lingering in my mouth was the natural sweetness and briny flavor from the crustacean.



Mix Seafood Pasta in Fresh Momotaro Tomato Sauce

Hide underneath an abundance of clams and Momotaro tomatoes, the pasta was almost invisible 😛 The accompanied sauce was light to the palate and I enjoyed the combination of Momotaro tomatoes and clams which created a distinctive sweet and wholesome flavor that I just could not get enough.



Singapore Style Chilli Crab

As for crabs, I always prefer salted egg yolk or creamy butter sauce to pair with it. I’m not saying that this chili crab is not good, just that it did not hit us with huge surprise, a pretty average one but the crab was fresh nonetheless!



This fella unquestionably stole the limelight that evening! Look at its beautiful neon coloured shell and rest like a pet on the waiter’s palm.



Canadian Lobster Two Style ~ Thermidor and Cheesy Mornay


Prepared in two style, Thermidor and Cheesy Mornay, both were  gooey pleasure to devour. The lobster was utterly sinful with bold cheesy flavor complemented the firm flesh wonderfully.



Wagyu Beef Cheek

My previous dining experience at Fisherman’s Cove told me that I have to reorder the braised Wagyu beef if I ever visit this place again. The lovely marriage of flavors and satisfying textures of the beef cheek really leave me with a strong impression, it was astonishing and indeed heaven in a bite!

Termed the “talking menu”, the host will also be there to make recommendations on the best cooking methods to complement the seafood selection. Some of the cooking methods available comprise of the standard grill, steamed, oven baked and pan fried. Executive Chef Wai will also include traditional cooking methods such as ikan bakar with daun pisang for diners who prefer a classic Malaysian taste.
For guests who prefer to be more hands-on with their dishes, there is also the option for Japanese style hot pot syabu-syabu. With three different choices of soup: spicy Tom Yum, herbal and Japanese miso, guests will be able to cook their own seafood at their table, allowing guests to have the pleasure of cooking and dining simultaneously.


To round up the night, we had a few desserts recommended by the staff to provide an adequately sweet ending to our fabulous seafood extravaganza dinner.


Creme Brulee




 Banana Fritters with Ice Cream

Verdict:  Definitely a can’t miss for seafood lover as you’ll get the freshest produces here at Fisherman’s Cove!


IMG_3222   Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant
  LG 10, Feast Village
  Starhill Gallery, 181
  Jalan Bukit Bintang
  55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel : +603-2782 3848 
 Opening hours : Monday – Sunday : 12pm – 1am




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