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I was intrigued by the concept of customizing your own maki introduced by Okonomi at Solaris Dutamas. Mix and match variety choices of fillings, toppings and sauces to create your own maki roll according to your preference. This much explained Okonomi’s tagline, ‘What’s your roll?’, a fun and innovative Japanese restaurant that serves ‘sushi as you like it’.



Located at Solaris Dutamas (below The Red Beanbag & nearby Old Town White Coffee), one will hardly miss the restaurant with the display of sampuru or fake food plastic models which really draw the attention to check out the offerings at Okonomi.



The long and narrow space at the front part of the restaurant is furnished with comfy leather seats facing the open kitchen. There are more seats further into the second section of the restaurant. The interior is minimalist, light tone furniture paired with dark flooring and walls as well as the stylish ceiling and pendant lights.



Outdoor seating also available at the corridor facing Publika.



A diverse selection of ingredients in the special menu that you can combine into the perfect sushi roll or even salad. Not only the ingredients can be customized, one can also decide the size of the roll, eg: 6pcs sushi for Regular and 8pcs for Large.



This is our custom made Uramaki (reverse roll) with brown rice, soy wrap, smoked duck, mango, avocado, tempura crunch topping and spicy mentai mayo sauce. It was indeed a brilliant combination, the smokiness of the smoked duck blended well with the fruitiness of the mango and avocado. I also like the tempura crunch provide an extra texture to the roll but I think it would have been better if the spicy mentai mayo sauce can be mixed into the ingredients instead of served separately.


If you are not fond of customize your sushi roll, Okonomi offers many house rolls to ensure everyone will find something to tickle their taste bud.


Slammin Salmon (RM19.90)


If you love salmon, this sushi roll with generous amount of salmon will definitely sufficient to please you. Comprises filling of raw salmon, tamago (Japanese rolled omelet) and cucumber then topped with raw salmon, melted cheese as well as chopped spring onion.



Seafood Supreme (RM32.90)

Rolled with premium seafood such as soft shell crab, hokkaido crab meat and salmon, every mouthful filled with evocative flavors. There are julienned cucumber hidden within to freshen up the palate as well as cereal bit on top for that crunchy element.The yukke sauce with sweet, savory and mild heat boosted more flavors for the roll.



Sweet and Spicy Prawn Roll (RM25.90)

Our next course was a bud tickling dish with additional sweet and spicy sauce poured over the sushi roll. The sushi ingredients are mere generic, cooked prawn, hard boiled egg, lettuce and white radish, all is rather bland tasting but the sauce elevated the flavors making the dish memorable. For extra oomph, the tiny bird eye chili certainly can provide a nice punchy kick.



Spicy Prawn Burger (RM18.90)

Sandwiched in between the “sushi rice bun” are bouncy prawns, crab meat, avocado & lettuce, dressed with spicy mayo sauce. The flavors of this are pretty common, but it is a combination that can’t go wrong for everyone.



Tempura Squid (RM18.90)

The batter of the tempura was slightly too thick for my liking but I like the accompanied roasted garlic sauce, creamy with subtle smoky flavor.



Chicken Karaage Waffle (RM18.90)


Both waffle and chicken Karaage were freshly prepared with convincing texture and flavors. Served with buttery mushroom sauce, one can either pour the sauce over the waffle and chicken and let them fully infused or as a dipping sauce.



Teriyaki Chicken (RM15.90)

Tender boneless chicken generously drenched in sweet and savory Teriyaki sauce, you most probably need a bowl of rice to go with it.



Chicken Gratin Pasta (RM21.90)

The pasta is sufficiently creamy but not cloying, topped with a big slab of boneless fried chicken sprinkled with cheese & chili powder. To my disappointment, the flavor of the chicken missed the mark, it was underseasoned.



Katsu Curry Chicken (RM21.90)

The little one polished off this plate of Katsu curry chicken effortlessly, this unquestionably am anytime dish that works for both adults and kids.



Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte (RM16.90) & Matcha Shiratama Float (RM16.90)

Okonimi’s beverage menu offers many choices of matcha and azuki beans related drinks. Our order was satisfying with intense matcha flavor but not too overpowering or overly sweet.



Smoothies – Strawberry, Mango & Avocado (RM12.90)

If match and azuki beans drinks not your choice, there are also smoothies, soft drinks, coffee, chocolate and even beer.



Mix Lava (RM21.90)


There was a rave about this dessert that make us imparted high anticipation for this. It did live up to its expectations with its astounding flavors and textures. It did a hint of visual excitement as soon as the green tea lava cake was cut, the warm, luscious melted chocolate liquid flowing out slowly. I also adore the baked to perfection lava green with slightly hard outer and soft inner. Served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, the contrasting warm and cold sensation was fantastic! An decadent dessert that must not be missed when visiting Okonomi.


Verdict: I like the customized-your-own-sushi concept, it allows us to be creative and experimental with their wide variety choices of ingredients and sauces. Other items in the menu that we’ve tried were not too shabby too. The lava cake was really outstanding and this enough for me to make a revisit.



A4-G2-02, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6012-662 9041

Operating Hours: 1.00am to 11.00pm Daily

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OkonomiFoods/


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