Old Tricycle BBQ Yong Tau Foo @ Taman Desa

Yong Tau Foo, one of the most common food we can get anytime and anywhere here at Malaysia. I believe all of you have tried this Hakka delicacy before but have you heard of BBQ Yong Tau Foo? A novelty idea of Mr. Ray Siow, the founder of Old Tricycle BBQ Yong Tau Foo @ Taman Desa which is originated from a Yong Tau Foo (YTF) stall called Choon Kee at Pudu which has been operating for more than 55 years.



Located opposite the Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 at back alley of Plaza Faber in Taman Desa, all the seats are placed outdoor, the warm air surrounded when the grilling process can be quite comfortless if you ask me. I hope the owner can do something to improve this.



The mural on the exposed bricks wall of founder’s father definitely steal the limelight besides the food.



Assorted drink served in those old school enamel mugs (RM 4.50) ~ Fuzhuk Barley , Kam Guat, Cincau & Chrysanthemum Red Tea (RM 1.20)



My partner-in-crime was eyeing on these enamel mugs which he wishes to include them into his collection 😛



All the food and condiments also served with enamel plates on a bamboo tray and accompanied by Chinese oldies songs at background,  nostalgic~~~



We opted for their set menu which came in 3 choices:- Small set of 15 pieces YTF for 2-3 pax (RM 30.00), Medium Set of 25 pieces YTF for 4 pax (RM 48.00) & Large set of 35 pieces YTF for 5 pax (RM 65.00)

The selection comprises of stuffed brinjal, okra, chili, bittergourd, long bean, tofu puff and the unique pieces of streaky bacon with assorted fish paste ingredients such as capsicum and pork skin.


Some fried stuffs which are good on its own especially when they are freshly from the wok. They are equally scrumptious with pleasant smoky flavor after some grilling on the charcoal stove for a good few seconds.(yes seconds, over-grilled will rendering an ugly burnt piece :P)




When East meets West, the utterly mouth-watering pieces with bacon, I love bacon which never once failed to make me gleam with joy, oh la la!




The YTF were slathered with BBQ sauce when served to our table, the smoky aroma when the grilling process really make me crave for more.



The sweet and chili sauce.



There are some varieties that served in soup too included meat balls, tofu and dumpling which I found are quite mediocre.

For those who wants a more substantial meal can opt for their Chee Cheong Fun with various sauces and condiments.


Chee Cheong Fun with Soy Sauce and Fried Onion ( RM 3.50)



Chee Cheong Fun with Sweet Sauce and Dried Shrimp ( RM 3.50)



Chee Cheong Fun with Curry Sauce, Pig Skin and Dried Shrimp ( RM 3.50)

My favourite among our orders that evening, the pig skin in sambal packed a nice fiery punch which I found very addictive and we can’t help but asked for another plate of the sambal to go with the YTF 😛


Verdict: This place definitely scores point for the novelty and it is a good place to head to for some comfort homey style food. Nothing too fancy, just hearty wholesome food served in a relax and nostalgic setup.


1911629_617651088310444_164748991_n-crop  Old Tricycle BBQ Yong Tau Foo
  Plaza Faber
   Jalan Desa Jaya
   Taman Desa, off Jalan Klang Lama
   58100 Kuala Lumpur.
   Tel: +6012-2181352
    Business Hour: 6.00pm – 11.00pm
                                    (Closed on Tuesday)



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