Opulence Bowl & Fortune Shake @ Sangkaya

Right after the Christmas and 2017 New Year celebration, now let’s pave the way for the upcoming Chinese New Year. In just a month, we will be ushering the Year of the Rooster in 2017. In conjunction of Chinese New Year, Sangkaya has launched two new products – Opulence Bowl and Fortune Shake.

Sangkaya, a Malaysian founded creamery brand offers a line-up of ice cream that is unique in its own right – the first creamery in the market with coconut milk as the mother base for fresh dairy, cream and egg replacement. From a small stall selling coconut ice cream at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang to a franchise chain with more than 30 outlets all over Klang Valley and other states. Their offering is not limited to coconut ice cream only but also included Coconut Cha Yen ice cream, Coconut Teh Ijo ice cream, waffle, pudding, Chendol and coconut shake.

Opulence Bowl, available in 2 flavors – Orange Tang and Pineapple Zest, hold a strong symbolization in the Chinese culture. They represent good fortune and wealth respectively. 


Opulence Bowl – Pineapple Zest (RM 8.40 / serving)

Served in flower shape waffle bowl, the pineapple infused coconut ice cream is creamy with subtle hint of pineapple. I adore the right amount of pineapple flavor, refreshingly zesty and not overwhelming. The additional pineapple chunks provide multitude of textures to the consumption experience. Both new flavors are served with fortune cookies as well.


Opulence Bowl – Orange Tang (RM 8.40 / serving)

Also served in lovely flower shape waffle bowl, the orange infused coconut ice cream is topped with dried orange peel as well as a wedge of fresh lime. The orange flavor is rather common for ice cream but the a squeeze of fresh lime juice successfully enhance the flavor. The pleasing acidic note add more excitement to the palatial experience.


Fortune Shakes – Orange Sunshine & Pineapple Breeze (RM7.40)

Orange Sunshine – The orange shake grants a tangy taste to it, with an aromatic coconut taste coming at the end. The dried orange peels add a different texture to the shake.

Pineapple Breeze – Refreshing, the pineapple shake has a mild sweetness to it but the pineapple chunks contribute to that extra crunch and zest to the overall taste.

The icy texture of the Fortune Shakes is bound to cool you off. The natural fruity flavors are bound to give you a sense of a flavorful tropical paradise.


Both Opulence Bowl and Fortune Shake. are available from 15 December 2016 to 28 February 2017.


Limited edition Sangkaya angpow packets will be given away with any two purchase of the CNY products. For more details, please visit their Website or Facebook as below:-

Website: http://sangkaya.co/#ath

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sangkaya/


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