Otak-otak Steam Egg

Otak-otak Steam Egg

Ingredient :
Otak-Otak (raw otak-otak in box or those cooked otak-otak sold at pasar malam)
egg (2-3 pcs depends on serving)
salt & pepper for seasoning


Step 1 : Beat the egg in a bowl then add water accordingly. Seasoning the egg mixture with pepper & salt.

Step 2 : Cook the raw otak-otak in microwave or steam it until cook.


Step 3: cut the otak-otak in small pieces then put into the egg mixture. Steam for 3 mins with medium heat in a wok with boiling water.
Sorry for the ugly steam egg because I steam it with strong fire. The egg was cooked until too “old”….. :…(



  • BeverLy's Secret

    >wah!! so creative!!
    I should tell my mum about this recipe!! kekeke..

    p/s: Thanks, mimi~~ I know, I just had that this morning!! hehe..

  • ஐ 馨韵公主 ஐ

    >Mimi, i dun mind ur egg ugly n too old! So can gv me eat some? lol

  • >hmm… maybe you can try adding some small pieces of century egg… there’s another herb which i can’t remember that makes the thing smells really good…

    ^_^ overall creative…

  • >beverly : I also learn this from a blogger.

    XY : when u come back I cook for u 🙂

    unclejosh : I ate b4 steam egg with century egg + salted egg, is called 三黄蒸蛋

  • >Next time u can try adding equal milk and water (one part egg+one part water+one part milk) to the mixture, it sort of make the steam egg smoother~

  • >wow, otak-otak chawan mushi. so creative.

  • >nono… it’s different when you add century egg to your recipe… 🙂

    and… the 三黄蒸蛋 is not really good … you should try the 1 with egg, quail egg, century egg, salted egg and soya 🙂

    its to DIE for… heavenly…

  • >Otak-otak steam egg? Sounds new to me. I would really want to taste it!

  • >opsss.. something new!!! thx for sharing..

  • >jojo : If add milk it’s become a dessert liao, Iive tried this b4, taste good!!

    simon : It’s a very easy recipe, u can try i at home too 🙂

    unclejosh : wow, so many types eggs ar? hehe 🙂

    sugar bean :It taste a bit spicy, good to eat o…

  • >~~very creative dish~~
    must try try next time

  • >how’s the taste ?
    is it good ?

  • >shell : U can try to cook also, easy like 1,2,3 🙂

    ling :The steam egg combined with the herbs of the otak-otak, not as bland as normal steam egg…

  • >oh yum!! That’s a very very good idea. I hv to hunt for otak here though.. hmmm

  • JeromeFo- 杰龙

    First time heard of it
    “Otak- Otal Steam Egg ” pulak
    Interesting enough =)

  • >interesting recipe 😉

    i think u can have a smoother surface if u steam the egg in medium-low heat + cover the bowl with aluminium foil (this is to avoid the condensation of steam-water from dropping onto the egg that will make the surface uneven)

  • >daphne : Where u stay?Hard to get otak-otak?

    jeromefo : When I 1st saw this recipe I also think like u 🙂

    pris : But I think is quite hard for u to get otak-otak at UK…:P

  • >Oh, I like this. It’s a simply dish if we can find ready made otak-otak.

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