Senya Izakaya @ Publika

I can remember the satisfaction of indulging in the scrumptious Hokkaido Pork Don 2 years back at Senya Dining, 1 Utama Shopping Center. Unfortunately it has closed down but don’t worry as you still can get the same contentment at Senya Izakaya nestled in Publika.   The space is heavily decorated with Japanese influenced ornaments such as posters, dishes name written in Japanese, […]

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Made’s Warung @ Bali

While waiting for our room to be ready, we asked the hotel staff for recommendations on restaurant to settle our late lunch. Among the few options given I saw a familiar restaurant name – Made’s Warung, which is located approximately 10 minutes walk from our hotel. Established in 1969, Made’s Warung (pronounced Mah-deh’s) started as a roadside food stall catering to […]

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