>Melaka Makan Trip

>On 12.10.2008 – 1 car 7 persons, we started our “Cari Makan Trip” to Malacca!!! Melaka have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site on 8 July 2008. Graffiti art on walls & second hand antique flea market. Some special shops~~ 1st Meal – Dim Sum breakfast Famous for their Big Bao (but size is smaller than KL), the meat […]

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>Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe

>I like Korean Drama especially “FULL HOUSE”. It’s all because of him (Rain).So, when I went to this “Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe” (@PJ), I could not spot him, not even anyone resembling him… (disappointed… hehe)Isn’t him adorable? Hehe~~ lol This restaurant scores high marks in attracting people to peek inside~~ Decoration-wise, it resembles a house layout – Dining […]

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>Camp Forest

>Kepong area is established as a food haven since a lot of new commercial areas opened about >3 years ago. I am sure most of Kepong patrons tried most of it but this Camp Forest is definitely a hidden gem because it really located at a quite “secluded” place. Let’s see the environment of the restaurant.Small fountain & pond. Fat-fat […]

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