>Chili King

>Few weeks ago, Thailand was on the main news for the wrong reason (politic, politic, politics). As for me, I’m only interested in the FOOD & of course shopping @ Bangkok too (-:. Over here, Thai food restaurants are everywhere but to get authentic Thai Food, that’s a challenge. In my usual food-hunting round, I stumbled upon a new Thai […]

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>It’s A Noodle Bar

>I know I’m going to use off very much memory of my camera here ~.~ Quirky decor~~ Table lamps hanging down from the ceiling instead of on the table. Cooking utensils displayed on shelves in front of the entrance, very eye catching indeed 🙂 Noodle Eating Etiquette writing on wall of blackboard which I don’t know about any of it […]

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>Toast & Roast

Far from the busy & happening of SS2 heartland, Toast & Roast hidden away at secluded side of the commercial area. If not the power of blog & the assistance of GPS, we definitely couldn’t find it. Roselle Juice & Teh Ice   Char Siew Hakka Noodle It’s my 1st time had Hakka noodle & I really love it. Served […]

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